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Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Birgit Andrine Apenes Solem

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Our research group provide studies with practical implications for different industries, comprising: 1) Innovation studies (Innovation systems, Regional innovation systems, Triple helix, Sector studies, Public sector innovation, Social innovation, STS-studies, Communities of practice, Green and sustainable innovation) 2) Technology and Innovation Management (Industrial business management, Business model innovation, Supply chain innovation, Innovation management, Public sector innovation management, Service innovation, Service design, Design thinking, Technology management, Product development, System engineering, Marketing innovation, Science politics and decision-making)   3) Corporate Entrepreneurship (Corporate entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Digital entrepreneurship and innovation) 4) Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management ( Start-up, Lean, Nascent entrepreneurship, Innovation and entrepreneurship culture, Entrepreneurship education, Immigrant entrepreneurship)


Consumer adoption of RFID-enabled services. Applying an extended UTAUT model (2016)
Nysveen, Herbjørn;Pedersen, Per Egil
Information Systems Frontiers
Venture creation and award-winning technology through co-produced incubation (2016)
Branstad, Are;Sætre, Alf Steinar
Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development
The Feasibility of Open Service Innovation (2016)
Aas, Tor Helge;Pedersen, Per Egil
Manufacturing complexity and inter-firm coordination : evidence from the textile-exporting firms of Pakistan (2017)
Burki, Umar;Buvik, Arnt
International Journal of procurement management
Innovasjon i offentlig sektor (2016)
Honerud, Jon Hovland
The effects of regulatory fit on customer brand engagement: an experimental study of service brand activities in social media (2016)
Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes;Pedersen, Per Egil
Journal of Marketing Management
The Emotional Traveller (2016)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine;Vittersø, Joar;Dahl, Tove Irene;Hetland, Audun
Fra EDB til tjenestedesign: Hvordan digitalisering forutsetter endringsledelse (2016)
Honerud, Jon Hovland
The shrinking professional realm of the industrial buyer – a transaction cost view on organisational and infrastructural changes in a Norwegian high-tech industrial cluster (2016)
Longva, Jørn
International Journal of procurement management
Political framing of sports: the mediated politicisation of Oslo’s interest in bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics (2016)
Seippel, Ørnulf Nicolay;Broch, Trygve B;Kristiansen, Elsa;Skille, Eivind Åsrum;Wilhelmsen, Terese;Strandbu, Åse;Thorjussen, Ingfrid M.
International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics
Influences of customer participation and customer brand engagement on brand loyalty (2016)
Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes
Journal of Consumer Marketing
Market Structure and Innovation Policies in Norway (2017)
Krumsvik, Arne H.;Kvale, Knut;Pedersen, Per Egil
Fra idè til suksess. Om å samskape verdifulle eventer. (2016)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine
Cappelen Damm Akademisk
The role of customer brand engagement in social media: conceptualization, measurement, antecedents and outcomes (2016)
Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes;Pedersen, Per Egil
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising
Arctic Tourism Experiences. Production, Comsumption and Sustainability (2017)
Lee, Young-Sook;Prebensen, Nina Katrine;Weaver, David
CABI Publishing
Co-Creation in Tourist Experiences (2017)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine;Chen, Joseph S.;Uysal, Muzaffer S
Mediating Effects of Green Innovation on Interfirm Cooperation (2017)
Burki, Umar;Dahlstrøm, Robert
Australasian Marketing Journal
Tourist Experience creation: an overview (2017)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine;Chen, Joseph S.;Uysal, Muzzaffer S
Staging for value co-creation in nature-based experiences: the case of a surfing course at Surfers Paradise, Australia (2017)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine
Innovation potentials through value proposals: a case study of a museum in northern Norway (2017)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine
Challenges and research directions in co-creating tourism experience (2017)
Chen, Joseph S.;Uysal, Muzzaffer S;Prebensen, Nina Katrine
Connectedness and Relatedness to Nature: A Case of Neo-Confucianism among Chinese, South Korean and Japanese Tourists (2017)
Prebensen, Nina Katrine;Lee, Young-Sook;Chen, Joseph S.
Arctic destinations and attractions as evolving peripheral settings for the production and consumption of peak tourism experiences (2017)
Lee, Young-Sook;Weaver, David;Prebensen, Nina Katrine
Ship-owners' stance to environmental and safety conditions in ship recycling. A case study among Norwegian shipping managers (2017)
Schøyen, Halvor;Burki, Umar;Kurian, Sunu
Case Studies on Transport Policy
Engagement valence duality and spillover effects in online brand communities (2017)
Bowden, Jana lay-Hwa;Conduit, Jodie;Hollebeek, Linda D.;Luoma-aho, Vilma;Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes
Journal of service theory and practice
Transiting into service-dominant logic through service design: The institutional logics perspective (2017)
Kurtmollaiev, Seidali;Fjuk, Annita;Kvale, Knut;Clatworthy, Simon;Pedersen, Per Egil
Academy of Management. Annual Meeting Proceedings
Radikal forretningsmodellinnovasjon i varehandelen (2017)
Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes;Bentsen, Kristin;Pedersen, Per Egil
Business model innovation in the retail industry: a service system perspective (2017)
Pedersen, Per Egil;Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes;Bentsen, Kristin
Organizational Transformation Through Service Design: The Institutional Logics Perspective (2018)
Kurtmollaiev, Seidali;Fjuk, Annita;Pedersen, Per Egil;Clatworthy, Simon;Kvale, Knut
Journal of Service Research
Developing managerial dynamic capabilities: A quasi-experimental field study of the effects of design thinking training (2018)
Kurtmollaiev, Seidali;Pedersen, Per Egil;Fjuk, Annita;Kvale, Knut
Academy of Management Learning & Education
Governing socio-technical change: Orchestrating demand for assisted living in ageing societies (2018)
Bugge, Markus;Coenen, Lars;Branstad, Are
Science and Public Policy
Digitaliseringens påvirkning på varehandel - En litteraturstudie (2018)
Pedersen, Per Egil;Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes;Kristiansen, Elsa

Achieving Triple Bottom Line Performance in Manufacturer-Customer Supply Chains: Evidence from an Emerging Economy (2018)
Burki, Umar;Ersoy, Pervin;Dahlstrøm, Robert
Journal of Cleaner Production

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