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Migration, Religion and Intercultural Relations (MIGREL)

Research group manager

Kari Storstein Haug

Responsible units(s)

Centre of Mission and Global Studies


The Migration, Religion and Intercultural (MIGREL) research group is a multidisciplinary research group consisting of social scientists, historians, religious studies scholars and theologians. It focuses in particular on how different roles, identities, values and (religious) meanings are established, changed and / or negotiated in meetings and interactions between different types of migrants and actors, communities and institutions in society. Several of the sub-projects also look more specifically at the roles of religious communities, discourses and / or practices in different types of migration and integration processes. The research group uses different methodological and analytical approaches, but has its main emphasis in qualitatively oriented methods. Theoretical perspectives on globalization processes and transnational relationships, identity processes, religious change, pluralization, secularization, and intercultural understanding and communication are central to the work of the group. Within the framework of the group, there is room for both individual projects, as well as collaborative projects and research networks. In addition to the senior scholars, the group has nine PhD fellows, who all work with projects within the research group's core areas.


Migrasjon og teologi (2013)
Haug, Kari Storstein
Kirke og kultur
Rollemodeller blant muslimer i Stavanger (2013)
Ådna, Gerd Marie
Kirke og kultur
Globalisering, misjon og prostitusjon : (2013)
Drønen, Tomas Sundnes;Nessa, Benedicte
Kirke og kultur
Migrants dans la ville : une étude socio-anthropologique des mobilités migrantes en Espagne (2013)
Odden, Gunhild
Editions Modulaires Europeennes
The Reception of Islamic Prophet Stories within Muslim Communities in Norway and Germany (2014)
Ådna, Gerd Marie
The epistemology of imagination and religious experience: a global and pentecostal approach to the study of religion (2015)
Eriksen, Stian Sørlie
Studia Theologica
"Av alle folkeslag, stammer, folk og tungemål" : mangfold i den globale kirke i Rogaland (2015)
Drønen, Tomas Sundnes;Eriksen, Stian Sørlie
Troende, trøstende og kanskje tvilende - transnasjonal muslimsk hverdag (2015)
Ådna, Gerd Marie
PAR Migration Navigator (WLB_GE). Socio-cultural and Psychological Predictors of Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality. Cross-Cultural Comparison of Polish and Norwegian Families. All WPs Report (2016)
Gjerstad, Brita;Herzberg, Magdalena;Nødland, Svein Ingve;Kosakowska-Berezecka, Natasza;Krys, Kuba;Odden, Gunhild;Ryndyk, Oleksandr;Vedøy, Gunn;Zadkowska, Magdalena

Church of Pentecost International : fortellingen om en migrantmenighet i Oslo. (2016)
Eriksen, Stian Sørlie
"Når så vi deg fremmed og tok imot deg?" : Migrasjon og teologi i Den norske kirke (2016)
Haug, Kari Storstein
Kirken i verden, verden i kirken : globale perspektiver på trosopplæringen (2016)
Drønen, Tomas Sundnes;Haug, Kari Storstein;Skeie, Geir;Ådna, Gerd Marie
Hertervig Akademisk
‘They assume dirty kids means happy kids’. Polish female migrants on being a mother in Norway (2016)
Odden, Gunhild
Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica
Re-thinking fatherhood and manhood among Polish migrant fathers in Norway (2016)
Ryndyk, Oleksandr
Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica
Christian migrant communities : transnational, transcultural, and translocal discourses of change (2018)
Drønen, Tomas Sundnes
Method & Theory in the Study of Religion
Internasjonal migrasjon. En samfunnsvitenskapelig innføring (2018)
Odden, Gunhild
Minoritetsfamiliers tanker om og erfaringer med familierådgivning innad i og utenfor familien (2015)
Odden, Gunhild;Ryndyk, Oleksandr;Ådna, Gerd Marie

Changing country, changing gender roles: Migration to Norway and the transformation of gender roles among Polish families (2018)
Kosakowska-Berezecka, Natasza;Zadkowska, Magdalena;Gjerstad, Brita;Krys, Kuba;Kwiatkowska, Anna;Odden, Gunhild;Ryndyk, Oleksandr;Swidrak, Justyna;Vedøy, Gunn
Migration in Missiological Research (2018)
Haug, Kari Storstein
International Review of Mission
Interculturally competent teachers in the diverse Norwegian educational setting (2018)
Rosnes, Ellen Vea;Rossland, Bjørg Leirvik
Multicultural Education Review
«Endelig var jeg hjemme.» Transformative hajj-fortellinger fra Rogaland og Mekka. (2018)
Ådna, Gerd Marie
DIN: Religionsvitenskapelig tidsskrift

Affiliated projects/research groups

Cracks and In-Betweens: Religion, Migration, and Transnational Relations  
Agency, Aspirations and Religion. The Everyday-Life of Refugee Women in Norway. From the Reception Centre and Onwards