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Geographies of Green Transformation



Håvard Haarstad
Stina Ellevseth Oseland
Tarje Iversen Wanvik
Grete Rusten
Helge Lea Tvedt
Stefan Bouzarovski
Knut Bjarne Hidle
Ingrid Foss Ballo
Max Koller
Jakob Olof Grandin
Kristin Edith Abrahamsen Kjærås
Sunniva Solheim Vatle
Karin Lillevold
Brita Hermelin
Patrik Ström
Andrew Jones


Department of Geography, University of Bergen
Fosswinckels gate 6
5007 Bergen


The research group Geographies of Green Transformation uses a human geographical perspective to improve understandings of how green transformation is triggered and constrained, and what the consequences are for places, regions and nations. The group is based at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen.


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