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Magnus Gulbrandsen

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Senter for teknologi, innovasjon og kultur


National innovation systems, capabilities and economic development (2008)
Fagerberg, Jan;Srholec, Martin
Research Policy
Kraftkrevende industri blir fornybar kraftprodusent (2011)
Hanson, Jens
Research institutes as hybrid organizations: central challenges to their legitimacy (2011)
Gulbrandsen, Magnus
Policy sciences
The dynamics of national innovation systems: A panel cointegration analysis of the coevolution between innovative capability and absorptive capacity (2013)
Castellacci, Fulvio;Natera, Jose Miguel
Research Policy
The dynamics of resource-based economic development: evidence from Australia and Norway (2013)
Wicken, Olav;Ville, Simon
Industrial and Corporate Change
Innovation system foresight (2014)
Andersen, Allan Dahl;Andersen, Per Dannemand
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
The role of politics in sustainable transitions: The rise and decline of offshore wind in Norway (2015)
Normann, Håkon Endresen
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions
Computer Capacity Utilization – A Multi-level Perspective on Decades of Decline (2015)
Fevolden, Arne Martin
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Do the effects of R&D tax credits vary across industries? A meta-regression analysis (2015)
Castellacci, Fulvio;Lie, Christine Mee
Research Policy
Hospitals as innovators in the health-care system: A literature review and research agenda (2016)
Thune, Taran Mari;Mina, Andrea
Research Policy
Unpacking landscape pressures on socio-technical regimes: Insights on the urban waste management system (2016)
Morone, Piergiuseppe;Morone, Piergiuseppe;Lopolito, Antonio;Lopolito, Antonio;Anguilano, Daniela;Anguilano, Daniela;Sica, Edgardo;Sica, Edgardo;Tartiu, Valentina Elena
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions