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Political Ecology


Tor A. Benjaminsen

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Institutt for internasjonale miljø- og utviklingsstudier


Riders under storms: Contributions of nomadic herders' observation to analysing climate change in Mongolia (2010)
Marin, Andrei Florin
Global Environmental Change
Politicising development re-imagining land rights and identities in Highland Kerala, India (2010)
Kjosavik, Darley Jose
Forum for Development Studies
Human stewardship or ruining cultural landscapes of the ancient Tula wells, southern Ethiopia (2011)
Waktole, Tiki Uma;Gufu Oba, Peter;Tvedt, Terje
Geographical Journal
Does climate change drive land-use conflicts in the Sahel? (2012)
Benjaminsen, Tor A;Alinon, Koffi;Buhaug, Halvard;Buseth, Jill Tove
Journal of Peace Research
Conservation, green/blue grabbing and accumulation by dispossession in Tanzania (2012)
Benjaminsen, Tor A;Bryceson, Ian
Journal of Peasant Studies
Virtual nature, violent accumulation: The ‘spectacular failure’ of carbon offsetting at a Ugandan National Park (2014)
Cavanagh, Connor Joseph;Benjaminsen, Tor A
Ethnolinguistic structuring of sorghum genetic diversity in Africa and the role of local seed systems (2014)
Westengen, Ola Tveitereid;Okongo, Mark Atam;Onek, Leo;Berg, Trygve;Upadhyaya, Hari;Birkeland, Siri;Khalsa, Siri-Dharma Kaur;Ring, Kristoffer Hofaker;Stenseth, Nils Christian;Brysting, Anne Krag
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Misreading the Arctic landscape: A political ecology of reindeer, carrying capacities, and overstocking in Finnmark, Norway (2015)
Benjaminsen, Tor A;Reinert, Hugo;Sjaastad, Espen Olav;Sara, Mikkel Nils Mikkelsen
Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift
Extracting justice? Colombia’s commitment to mining and energy as a foundation for peace (2017)
McNeish, John-Andrew
International Journal of Human Rights