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Competition and finance


Kjell Erik Lommerud

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Can deunionization lead to international outsourcing? (2009)
Lommerud, Kjell Erik;Meland, Frode;Straume, Odd Rune
Journal of International Economics
Why is on-net traffic cheaper than off-net traffic? Access markup as a collusive device (2008)
Gabrielsen, Tommy Staahl;Vagstad, Steinar
European Economic Review
Do Individual Investors Have Asymmetric Information Based on Work Experience? (2011)
Døskeland, Trond M.;Hvide, Hans K.
Journal of Finance
Private labels, price rivalry, and public policy (2007)
Sørgard, Lars;Gabrielsen, Tommy Staahl
European Economic Review
Rethinking Minority Share Ownership and Interlocking Directorships: The Scope for Competition Law Intervention (2011)
Gabrielsen, Tommy Staahl;Sørgard, Lars;Hjelmeng, Erling Johan
European Law Review
Employment protection versus flexicurity: On technology adoption in unionised firms (2012)
Lommerud, Kjell Erik;Straume, Odd Rune
The Scandinavian Journal of Economics
Bridging the widening gap between the EU treaties and the agreement on the European Economic Area (2012)
Fredriksen, Halvard Haukeland
European Law Journal
North-South technology transfer in unionised multinationals (2012)
Lommerud, Kjell Erik;Meland, Frode;Straume, Odd Rune
Journal of Development Economics
Margins and market shares: Pharmacy incentives for generic substitution (2013)
Brekke, Kurt;Holmås, Tor Helge;Straume, Odd Rune
European Economic Review
Abuse of collective dominance: The need for a new approach (2013)
Gjendemsjø, Ronny;Sørgard, Lars;Hjelmeng, Erling Johan
World Competition Law and Economics Review
State Liability in EU and EEA Law: The Same or Different? (2013)
Fredriksen, Halvard Haukeland
European Law Review
Non-traded goods, globalization and union influence (2013)
Kreickemeier, Udo;Meland, Frode
Rain, agriculture, and tariffs (2013)
Bastos, Paulo;Straume, Odd Rune;Urrego, Jaime A.
Journal of International Economics
Risk tolerance and entrepreneurship (2014)
Hvide, Hans K.;Panos, Giorgios A.
Journal of Financial Economics
Of pragmatism and principles: The EEA agreement 20 years on (2015)
Fredriksen, Halvard Haukeland;Franklin, Christian
Common market law review
Buyer power and exclusion in vertically related markets (2015)
Gabrielsen, Tommy Staahl;Johansen, Bjørn Olav
International Journal of Industrial Organization
Mommy tracks and public policy: On self-fulfilling prophecies and gender gaps in hiring and promotion (2015)
Lommerud, Kjell Erik;Straume, Odd Rune;Vagstad, Steinar
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
The economics of retailing formats: Competition versus bargaining (2016)
Johansen, Bjørn Olav;Nilssen, Tore
The Journal of Industrial Economics
Naked exclusion with minimum-share requirements (2014)
Chen, Zhijun;Shaffer, Greg
RAND Journal of Economics
Resale price maintenance with secret contracts and retail service externalities (2017)
Gabrielsen, Tommy Staahl;Johansen, Bjørn Olav
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

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