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Leadership and institutional values-work in practice LIVAP


Harald Askeland

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Fakultet for teologi, diakoni og ledelsesfag


The organizing, governance inter-action of important societal sectors are undergoing transformation. Welfare and health provision is undergoing profound change, with consequences for service provision and interaction and collaboration between actors across fields (such as the public, market and civic). Civic organizations, including churches and religious bodies, experience new frame conditions and expectations regarding their institutionalized role in society. This affects management and professional practices within organizations and institutions of these fields. The LIVAP researchers have an overarching interest in studying how these changes affect the negotiations of purpose, values, role, identity and practice amongst organizations, managers and professionals. Members of LIVAP are active in publishing articles, presenting papers at conferences and we are currently planning an academic book. The contribution of our research lies in exploring and elaborating how such a context constitute and make up the conditions for institutional leadership, value-work and the negotiation of differing institutional logics.


Leaders Should Be the Carriers of Institutional Values (2014)
Askeland, Harald
Diaconia. Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice
Managerial practice in faithbased welfare organizations (2015)
Askeland, Harald
Nordic Journal of Religion and Society

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