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Researching English Teacher Education, Language and Literature (RETELL)


Jena Lee Habegger-Conti

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The main goal of the research group is to systematically investigate issues related to teacher education, language and literature in the field of English. Members of the group examine these issues in a range of contexts and with reference to specific topics such as reading and writing skills, digital tools, traditional and new literacies, learner language, literature for children and young adults, and the impact of pre-service and in-service teacher education. The research produced by RETELL is thus focused on obtaining knowledge that offers insight into language learning, linguistics and literature, and also on enhancing the competences of pre-service and in-service teachers of English in Norway.


The inalienability pattern of English and Norwegian (2013)
Thunes, Martha
Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS)
Null subjects in early Icelandic (2016)
Kinn, Kari;Rusten, Kristian A.;Walkden, George
Journal Of Germanic Linguistics
Empty referential subjects in Old English (2016)
Rusten, Kristian A.;Haugland, Kari E.

Information structure and word order (variation) in Old English (2016)
Rusten, Kristian A.
Was Old English a null subject language? (2016)
Rusten, Kristian A.
Strategic publishing for early-career researchers (2016)
Rusten, Kristian A.
From reading thrill to writing skill: the effect of extensive reading on the development of the written Language of young EFL learners (2016)
Bader, Monika;Birketveit, Anna;Rimmereide, Hege Emma
Null subjects in Middle English (2016)
Walkden, George;Rusten, Kristian A.
English Language and Linguistics
Strategic publishing for early-career researchers (2016)
Rusten, Kristian A.
Mobilising and Transforming Teacher Education Pedagogies (2016)
Rimmereide, Hege Emma
Presentation of a longitudinal research project on the effect of extensive reading on writing among 11-13- year- old learners of English as a foreign language and on the teachers’ perceptions, beliefs and experiences of the learners’ reading and writing skills. (2016)
Rimmereide, Hege Emma;Birketveit, Anna;Bader, Monika
Visual Representations of Indigenous Cultures in Norwegian EFL Textbooks (2017)
Brown, Cecilie Waallann;Habegger-Conti, Jena
Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology (NJMLM)
How is her eyes [?] are they still closed [?]. Subject-verb agreement in nineteenth-century Irish English (2017)
Bonness, Dania Jovanna
Token: A Journal of English Linguistics
Language learner autonomy in a tertiary context: Teachers’ beliefs and practices (2019)
Borg, Simon;Alshumaimeri, Yousif
Language Teaching Research
Twelve tips for doing teacher research (2017)
Borg, Simon
University of Sydney Papers in TESOL
The Northern subject rule in the Irish diaspora: Subject-verb agreement among first-and second-generation emigrants to New Zealand (2017)
Bonness, Dania Jovanna
English World-Wide
Demonstrative reference in the writing of young EFL Norwegian learners (2017)
Bader, Monika;Iversen, Sarah Hoem
The concept of ‘translation unit’ revisited (2017)
Thunes, Martha
Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS)
Teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices (2018)
Borg, Simon
Developing a self-assessment tool for English language teachers (2018)
Borg, Simon;Edmett, Adam
Language Teaching Research
NEG/AUX contraction in eighteenth-century Irish English emigrant letters (2018)
Bonness, Dania Jovanna
Having an EfECT: Professional development for teacher educators in Myanmar (2018)
Borg, Simon;Clifford, Ian;Htut, Khaing Phyu
Teaching and Teacher Education : An International Journal of Research and Studies
Evaluating the impact of professional development (2018)
Borg, Simon
RELC Journal : A Journal of Language Teaching and Research in Southeast Asia
Class, Censorship, and the Construction of the Child Reader in Nineteenth-Century Children’s Dictionaries (2018)
Iversen, Sarah Hoem
Children's Literature in Education

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From reading thrill to writing skill: The effect of extensive reading on writing skills in EFL.  
Corpus-based research on young learner writing  
Mobilising and Transforming Teacher Education Pedagogies  
Bergen / York Reading Research Group (BYRRG)  
Feedback on writing in the English classroom: in-service teachers’ beliefs and practices  
Implementing formative assessment through digital portfolios