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Teaching and learning in Physical Education



Kjersti Mordal Moen
Øyvind Førland Standal
Knut Westlie
Vidar Hammer Brattli
Lars Bjørke


Hedmark university College
Hamarveien 112
2411 Elverum


Kjersti Mordal Moen

Ansvarlig enhet(er)

Høgskolen i Hedmark / Høgskolen i Innlandet


The research group on “Teaching and learning in physical education” is placed under the research area of Public Health at Hedmark University College. The scientific goal of the research group is, broadly presented, to explore perspectives relevant to the field of Physical Education and Physical Education Teacher Education.The research activities of the group currently revolve around the umbrella project «Physical Education: a subject for learning! Knowledge development on learning and pedagogy un physical education”, which includes a number of projects. The group aims to fill the national knowledge gap on what PE is and ought to be, through a newly completed data gathering (spring 2016) on a national survey on PE.The group has developed good relations to non-academic partners (schools) through the development of Elverumsundersøkelsen, the pilot study for the national survey on PE, as well as the national survey on PE. Hence, the group will extend these relationships by developing qualitative studies as well as interventions together with non-academic partners, first and foremost, schools, teachers and pupils.