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Medieval Group - UiB


Geir Atle Ersland

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Interdisciplinary research group in Medieval Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, Univeristy of Bergen. Brings together art historians, archaeologists, historians, linguists and philologists.


Soapstone Finds (2011)
Baug, Irene
The Vanished Gardens of Byzantium: Gardening, Visual Culture, and Devotion in the Byzantine Orthodox Tradition (2013)
Bakke, Jørgen
Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia
“Even the very laymen are chattering about it” The Politicisation of Public Opinion, 800-1200 (2013)
Melve, Leidulf
Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Icelandic liturgical books and how to recognise them (2013)
Ommundsen, Åslaug;Attinger, Gisela
Younger Icelandic Manuscripts and Old Norse Studies (2013)
Leslie, Helen Frances
Viking Worlds. Things, spaces, and movement (2015)
Eriksen, Marianne Hem;Pedersen, Unn;Rundberget, Bernt;Axelsen, Irmelin;Berg, Heidi Lund
Oxbow Books
The origins and development of the Virgin Mary's book at the annunciation (2014)
Miles, Laura Saetveit
Triumphal Arches and Gates of Piety at Constantinople, Ravenna and Rome (2014)
Malmberg, Simon
The family life of the dwarfs and its significance for relationships between dwarfs and humans in the sagas : (2014)
Mikucionis, Ugnius
Maal og Minne
Optical Colour Blending in the Rotunda Mosaics at Thessaloniki (2014)
Kiilerich, Bente
Musiva et sectilia. International Journal for the Study of Ancient Pavements and Wall Revetments
Identification of missing Norwegian World War II soldiers, in Karelia Russia (2015)
Morild, Inge;Hamre, Stian Suppersberger;Huel, Rene;Parsons, Thomas J.
Journal of Forensic Sciences
The Saturated Sensorium. Principles of Perception and Mediation in the Middle Ages. (2015)
Laugerud, Henning;Lohfert Jørgensen, Hans Henrik;Skinnebach, Laura Katrine
Aarhus Universitetsforlag