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The Boarders of Europe



Knut Ove Arntzen
Anna Maria Heermann
Sissel Tone Ågot Lægreid
Torgeir Skorgen
Helge Vidar Holm
Lillian Jorunn Helle


Department of Foreign Languages


Sissel Tone Ågot Lægreid

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Institutt for fremmedspråk


The main scientific goal of this interdisciplinary group of researchers is, in dialogue with international research partners, to investigate the inclusionary and exclusionary notions of Europeanness by examining the aesthetics and poetics of borders and border crossing practices. This means looking into how various kinds of borders (aesthetical, cultural, mental, national) currently and throughout history have contributed towards establishing and redefining the power structures of hegemony and mental images of Europeanness: What does it mean to be European and to be included belong – or more important: to feel excluded and as not belonging - to a European historical and cultural tradition? And how can European conceptions of Identity and Belonging serve to define and redefine the relations between Europeanness and Otherness as well as the dynamic concept of Europe and its interior Others? How can more knowledge of national and transnational minorities such as the Jews and the Roma, help in solving the societal challenges of Europeanisation and contribute to a reflective, truely inclusionary concept of European Identity?

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