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Journalism studies



Martin Eide
Erik Knudsen
Leif Ove Larsen
Nina Kvalheim
Karl Atle Knapskog
Jan Fredrik Hovden
Astrid Gynnild
Peter Dahlén
Helge Østbye
Eirik Stavelin
Helle Sjøvaag
Lars Arve Røssland


Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap
Fosswinckelsgt. 6
7802 Bergen


Martin Eide

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Institutt for informasjons- og medievitenskap


The research group for journalism studied has existed for about 10 years. For the time being the group consist of 13 faculty members, plus a varying number of master students.


Documentary in a culture of clearance : a study of knowledge of and attitudes toward copyright and fair use among Norwegian documentary makers (2010)
Larsen, Leif Ove;Nærland, Torgeir Uberg
Popular Communication - The International Journal of Media and Culture
Norsk pressehistorie. 2. utgåva (2012)
Røssland, Lars Arve;Østbye, Helge;Ottosen, Rune
Det Norske Samlaget
A Journalistic Cosmology. A Sketch of Some Social and Mental Structures of the Norwegian Journalistic Field (2012)
Hovden, Jan Fredrik
Nordicom Review
Changing magazine journalism : key trends in Norwegian women's magazines (2013)
Ytre-Arne, Brita
Nordicom Review
Journalism Innovation leads to Innovation Journalism. The impact of computational exploration on changing mindsets (2014)
Gynnild, Astrid
Journalism - Theory, Practice & Criticism
News Behind the Wall. An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Implementation of a Paywall and News Values (2013)
Kvalheim, Nina
Nordicom Review
Accounting for Journalism (2014)
Eide, Martin
Journalism Studies
Media Effects as a Two-Sided Field: Comparing Theories and Research of Framing and Agenda Setting (2014)
Knudsen, Erik
Watchdogging in code (2013)
Stavelin, Eirik
Doubly dominated cultural journalists in the fields of journalism and culture (2015)
Hovden, Jan Fredrik;Knapskog, Karl Atle
Journalism Practice
Introducing the Paywall: A case study of content changes in three online newspapers (2016)
Sjøvaag, Helle
Journalism Practice

Tilknyttede prosjekter/forskningsgrupper

Journalistic Reorientations: The Online Challenge to Journalistic Ontology