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Interdisciplinary studies of knowledge, values and society


Rasmus Tore Slaattelid

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The scientific goals of the group are tightly coupled to the promotion of interdisciplinary research aiming at a critical understanding of knowledge, values and society. These three parameters are understood as intrinsically intertwined. The research can roughly be divided into two main foci within this study field: on the one hand the understanding of modernity, i.e. modern society which is tightly linked to the emergence of scientific rationality and the recognition of the socio-economic importance of science and technology, and on the other hand the study of the knowledge production itself, i.e. the use and abuse of scientific knowledge claims and the dual transmission processes between science and society. In recent years the problems of an ethic of science, in particular also scientific integrity and scientific quality, have become more of a focus in the research group.


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Philosophy & Social Criticism
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Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift
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Vaage, Nora Sørensen;Trojok, Rüdiger;Borch, Martin;Delgado Aleman, Ana Maria
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Funtowicz, Silvio Oscar;Ravetz, Jerry

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