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Grieg Academy Music Education (GAME) research group



Rigmor Elisabeth Davidsen Titt
Torunn Bakken Hauge
David Gabriel Hebert
Aslaug Furholt
Tiri Beate Bergesen Schei
Tom Eide Osa
Steinar Sætre
Julia Leikvoll


Bergen University College
PO Box 7030
5020 Bergen


The Grieg Academy Music Education research group (GAME) was created in 2015 as a collaboration between music education researchers at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (formerly Bergen University College) and the University of Bergen for the purpose of establishing and promoting new research projects in the field of music education. GAME will work for: • Development of new knowledge that stimulates critical reflection on pedagogical and learning practices in music education • Development of, and recruitment toward, postgraduate music education studies on the Master and PhD-levels. • Active conference participation and presentations of GAME-related research projects, in local, national, and international settings. • Expanding contact and collaboration with other research environments and individual scholars in Norway and abroad. • Planning and implementation of events in Bergen for knowledge sharing across the music teaching profession. GAME is currently led by Professor David Hebert.


“Symposium on Informal Music Learning”, Co-hosted by Silje Valde Onsrud and David Hebert, Center for Arts, Culture, and Communication, Bergen University College, Norway (February 12, 2015). (2015)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Onsrud, Silje Valde;Schei, Tiri Bergesen;Viig, Tine Grieg;Sætre, Steinar;Vindenes, Njål;Hentschke, Liane
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Hebert, David Gabriel
Music Educators Journal
You Taught My Heart to Sing: Konsert for Stein Bakke (2015)
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Research-Based Curriculum Design for Multicultural School Music: Reflections on a National Project in Guyana (2015)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Sagar, Rohan
Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education (ACT)
Steinar Saetre and David Hebert, “Rethinking the Institutionalization of Jazz Learning,” Ninth International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education, Loyola University, New Orleans, USA (June 14-17, 2015). (2015)
Sætre, Steinar;Hebert, David Gabriel
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Hebert, David Gabriel
Jiaxing Xie, David G. Hebert, Bo Wah Leung, Alex Ruthmann, Gary McPherson, and Liane Hentschke (chair), “Music Education via MOOCs: A Status Report on the Open Global Music Academy Project,” Invited Intercontinental Roundtable (with representatives from universities on 5 continents), 10th Asia-Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research (APSMER): Music Education for the Future Generation, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, China (July 10-13, 2015). (2015)
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“Technology and Arts Education Policy,” Arts Education Policy Review, 117(3), 141-145 (Editorial Introduction, “Technology” Special Issue, 2016). (2016)
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Arts Education Policy Review (AEPR)
Paper presentation, “Conducting and Musical Modernity in Japan”; Panel Co-convener (with Margaret Mehl and Jonathan Service) and Discussant, “Musical Modernity in Asia”, 8th Annual International ADI Conference, Asian Dynamics Initiative, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (June 20-22, 2016). (2016)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Opening Summary, Concluding Panel Discussion; Panelist, “Musical Encounters: Towards Social and Intercultural Perspectives on Music” (response to Prof. Nicholas Cook, Cambridge); Chair of Opening Panel session; Respondent to Oded Ben-Horin, Grieg Research School conference, Beyond Communication?: Musical Challenges in a Transforming Society, Bergen, Norway (June 7-10, 2016). (2016)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Paper presentation, “Rethinking Competition in European Musical Culture,” and Session Chair, Day 2 morning sessions, 13th International Conference of Musica Practica, Musica Theoretica: Cultural Identity in the European Musical Tradition. Academy of Music, Poznan, Poland (April 19-20, 2016). (2016)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Evaluation and Prediction of Harmonic Complexity Across 76 Years of Billboard 100 Hits (2016)
Jensen, Kristoffer;Hebert, David Gabriel
New Theories and Methods in Historical Ethnomusicology (Russian translation by Elnora Mamadjanova) (2016)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Challenges of Implementing the Open Global Music Academy Vision. (2016)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Xie, Jiaxing
Bønes Brass senior community band’s 30th anniversary concert, with Bergen Brass Band. Steinar Sætre, the main conductor, conducted most pieces, some of which were his own arrangements, and played solo improvisations on saxophone and clarinet. David Hebert sang a solo (bass baritone) “Ol’ Man River”, and was conductor for two pieces (Troldhaugen concert hall, home of Edvard Grieg, Bergen, Norway, November 19, 2016). (2016)
Sætre, Steinar;Hebert, David Gabriel
Epistemological and Sociological Issues in Popular Music Education (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Abramo, Joseph;Smith, Gareth
Conference Welcoming Speech and Concluding Summary (David Hebert, with GRS Director, Jill Halstead). Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies, Autumn Doctoral Course 2016: The study of musical materials: Technologies, Perception, Interpretation (November 22nd-25th, 2016, University of Bergen). Invited Keynotes: Alex Ruthmann, Nicola Dibben, Alexander Jensenius. Opponents: Tia DeNora, Even Ruud. Pre-Viva Voce: Tom Eide Osa; Final Viva Voce: Dr Anna Helle-Valle. (2016)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Halstead, Jill
Guest lecturer, “Glocalization and Music Communities,” “Reflections on Music Education Research,” Hong Kong University of Education (March 22-23, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Guest lecturer, “Glocalization and Music Communities,” Postgraduate Seminar; Planning meetings for Open Global Music Academy (OGMA), Fourth International Forum for Leadership of Music Institutions (IFLMI-2018), and A Global View of Music Education book Project. (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Amerikanske jazzbyer på 1920/30-tallet - et konsertforedrag med Louisiana Washboard Five, David Skinner m.fl.. (2017)
Sætre, Steinar;Hebert, David Gabriel
One-hour Classical Recital (David Hebert, Bass-baritone voice), with Mai Goto, piano, and Aleksandra Kaminska, soprano, "Arias, Art Songs, and Piano Music of Edvard Grieg", 20th Anniversary Intensive Master Seminar, Nordic Network for Music Education (Bergen, Norway, 2 November, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Special 500-year Anniversary jazz mass concert for Luther Reformation, Fyllingsdalen Congregation, Bergen, Norway (October 15, 2017). David Hebert, soloist on trumpet and voice with Bønes Brass, led by Steinar Satre. (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Sætre, Steinar
Keynote Speaker and co-Host, 20th Anniversary Intensive Master Seminar, Nordic Network for Music Education (Bergen, Norway, 30 October- 3 November, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
“Interdisciplinary Research Design for Knowledge Creation,” Visiting lecture, Postgraduate seminar, Center for Marxist Studies, Humanities Faculty, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China (12 October, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
“Music, Nationality, and Nature in Global Perspective,” Visiting lecture, Arts Department, Faculty of Law, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing, China (9 October, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Music Glocalization: Heritage and Innovation in a Digital Age (2018)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Rykowski, Mikolaj
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Keynote Speech, “Current Issues in the Internationalization of Music Education,” conference of Polish Association for Music Education. (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, December 9, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Visiting lecture, “International Organizations and Conferences in Music Education”, and planning meetings for IFLMI and OGMA projects, Postgraduate seminar, Chinese Music Research Institute, China Conservatory, Beijing, China (December 30, 2017). (2017)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Visiting lecture, “Rethinking the Internationalization of Music Education”, and recital (Mai Goto, piano), music department, Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan (January 11, 2018). (2018)
Hebert, David Gabriel
International Perspectives on Translation, Education, and Innovation in Japanese and Korean Societies (2018)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Keynote Speech, “The Power of Music to Unite and Divide: Rethinking its Potential Role in 21st Century Education”, The Power of Music Education: Estonian Experience international conference, Estonian Society for Music Education (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn, April 17-21, 2018). (2018)
Hebert, David
Keynote presentation, “Opportunities for International Cooperation in Northern European Music Education”; Symposium chair, “Panel Discussion: International Experts”, Session co-chair, “Dialogue between Leaders of Chinese and Overseas Music Institutions”; Organizing Committee Member, Fourth IFLMI: International Forum for Leadership of Music Institutions, Zhejiang Normal University (Jinhua, China, 19-20 May 2018). (2018)
Hebert, David
Co-chair and organizer/presenter, “Advancing Music Education in Northern Europe: Authorship in a State-Sponsored International Network” (with presentations by the Chair and Kristi Kiilu, Geir Johansen, Helga Rut Gudmundsdottir, Cecilia Ferm Almqvist, Adriana Di Lorenzo Tillborg and Eva Saether), 33rd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education (July, 15-20, 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan). (2018)
Hebert, David
Advancing Music Education in Northern Europe (2019)
Hebert, David;Hauge, Torunn Bakken
Japan (2019)
Hebert, David
Bokmelding: Historical Sources of Ethnomusicology in Contemporary Debate (2018)
Hebert, David
Musikk og tradisjon
Guest Lecture and Book Launch, 'Introducing the NAJAKS Proceedings' and 'On Music in Japan', Department of Japanese Studies, University of Bergen. (2018)
Hebert, David
Musical performance and tacit self-censorship (2019)
Schei, Tiri Bergesen
Sociomusicology (2019)
Hebert, David
Competition in Music (2019)
Hebert, David
Historical Ethnomusicology (2019)
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Conclusion: Learning from Two Decades of Music Education Leadership (2019)
Hebert, David;Hauge, Torunn Bakken
Introduction: Advancing Music Education in Northern Europe (2019)
Hauge, Torunn Bakken;Hebert, David
Advancing Music Education via Nordic Cooperation: Equity and Equality as Central Concepts in Finland (2019)
Heimonen, Marja;Hebert, David
Emotional Imitation Method in the Context of Lithuanian Music Education (2019)
Navickiene, Lolita;Rauduvaite, Asta;Gabnyte, Giedre;Hebert, David
Integrated Learning of Music and Science: Reception of Björk’s Biophilia Project in the Nordic Countries (2019)
Husby, Bård Vågsholm;Hebert, David
Book Launch: Advancing Music Education in Northern Europe (2019)
Hebert, David
Hebert, D. G. (2019). “A Review Essay of The Mystery of Music,” The World of Music (new series), vol. 8, pp.97-101. (2019)
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Hebert, David Gabriel
International Journal of Education and the Arts
Keynote speaker, “An International Perspective on Music Teaching”, International Music Education Forum; Meetings with University President and Deans to establish International Institute for Advanced Studies in Music Education (intensive PhD program), Hainan Normal University, Haikou, China (January 1, 2019). (2019)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Panelist/paper presentation, “Indigeneity in the 21st century classroom: Reconstruction and reconciliation in Scandinavia and North America” (with David Johnson, Ylva Hofvander Trulsson, and Patrick Schmidt), European Association of Music Schools (EAS) annual international conference, and joint European regional conference of the International Society for Music Education, at Malmo Academy of Music, Lund University, Sweden (May 16-18, 2019). (2019)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Panel Chair/Organizer, “Chinese Music” (with Directors of Confucius Institutes in Norway and Denmark). Paper presentation, “Musicians’ Reflections on the Teaching of Traditional Chinese Instruments for Prominent Conservatories in Europe and China,” Nordic Association for China Studies (NACS) international conference, University of Bergen, Norway (June 13-14, 2019). (2019)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Invited speech, “World Music Pedagogy: Presenting Central Asian Traditions to the World” Sharq Taronalari VII music festival symposium (sponsored by UNESCO and government of Uzbekistan), Samarkand, Uzbekistan (August 25, 2019). (2019)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Invited lecture, “Language and Cultural Policy: Rethinking Music’s Significance,” International Law Summit: The Language and Law, Confucius Institute Bergen (November 18, 2019). (2019)
Hebert, David Gabriel
Developing a National Curriculum in Music - Comparing Developments in Uganda and Norway. (2019)
Sætre, Steinar
World Music Pedagogy: Teaching World Music in Higher Education (2020)
Coppola, William;Hebert, David Gabriel;Campbell, Patricia Shehan
Ethnomusicology, Music Education, and the Power and Limitations of Social Media (2020)
Hebert, David Gabriel;Williams, Sean
What’s stopping you?: Impediments to incorporating popular music technologies in schools. Journal of Popular Music Education, 4(2), pp.135-152. (2020)
Brudvik, Sondre;Hebert, David Gabriel
Journal of Popular Music Education