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Grammatical gender in Norwegian: Language acquisition and language change (2015)
Rodina, Yulia;Westergaard, Marit
Journal Of Germanic Linguistics
Verb-particles: particle placement in passives (2014)
Lundquist, Bjørn
Nordic Atlas of Language Structures (NALS) Journal
Double object constructions: active verbs (2014)
Lundquist, Bjørn
Nordic Atlas of Language Structures (NALS) Journal
Norwegian-Russian bilinguals learning English: The Linguistic Proximity Model (2015)
Westergaard, Marit;Mykhaylyk, Roksolana;Mitrofanova, Natalia;Rodina, Yulia
Acquisition of null objects within microparametric domains: Early and late successive Brazilian and European Portuguese bilinguals (2015)
Castro, Tammer;Rothman, Jason;Westergaard, Marit
Null object distribution in two Brazilian populations in Portugal: cross-linguistic effects (2015)
Castro, Tammer;Rothman, Jason;Westergaard, Marit
Gender Attrition in American Norwegian Heritage Language (2015)
Lohndal, Terje;Westergaard, Marit
Subject shift and object shift in Norwegian heritage language (2015)
Westergaard, Marit;Anderssen, Merete
Variation in the input and aspects of the Norwegian DP in bilingual acquisition and attrition (2015)
Westergaard, Marit
Word Order Variation in Norwegian Possessive Constructions: Bilingual Acquisition and Attrition (2015)
Westergaard, Marit;Anderssen, Merete
Variation and change in Norwegian wh-questions: The role of the complementizer som (2017)
Westergaard, Marit;Vangsnes, Øystein A;Lohndal, Terje
Linguistic Variation
The category of gender in heritage grammars (2015)
Lohndal, Terje;Westergaard, Marit;Alexiadou, Artemis
Sources of transfer in L3 acquisition by bilinguals (2015)
Mitrofanova, Natalia;Westergaard, Marit;Mykhaylyk, Roksolana;Rodina, Yulia
Complexity in child and adult language acquisition (2015)
Westergaard, Marit
Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism
Grammatical gender in bilingual Norwegian-Russian Acquisition: The role of input and transparency (2017)
Rodina, Yulia;Westergaard, Marit
Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
The Linguistic Proximity Model: The Case of Verb-Second Revisited (2015)
Mykhaylyk, Roksolana;Mitrofanova, Natalia;Rodina, Yulia;Westergaard, Marit

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