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Kritisk demokratisk danning - Lived Democracy


Inger Elin Lilland

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Institutt for språk, litteratur, matematikk og tolking


This is an interdisciplinary research group at Western Norway Unversity of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports. The overall focus is to gain insights into democratic Bildung processes, and to facilitate critical democratic Bildung in school and teacher education. The main project studies how democracy is lived and learned in education. In particular, it studies how classroom discussions on societal issues can promote democratic Bildung, and what are the cultural conditions for such development. Societal and social topics in the students’ local community are used to catalyze classroom discussions and learning situations. We will investigate how the students’ close connection to the issue at hand influences engagement, learning processes and identities in the making. Student engagement and the potential for democratic Bildung also depend on cultural conditions at work in classrooms, including inter-culturality, allowance of a multiplicity of views and interconnectedness with the local community. We study how students’ engagement is factual and how discussion and engagement generate content learning. The project’s focus on students’ democratic capabilities and critical citizenship can support connections between school and society and will benefit schools’ contribution to an integrated and democratic society.


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Nordisk matematikkdidaktikk
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Kacerja, Suela
Demokratisk danning i skolen. Tverrfaglige empiriske studier (2019)
Breivega, Kjersti Maria Rongen;Rangnes, Toril Eskeland

Tilknyttede prosjekter/forskningsgrupper

Critical Democratic Competence and Classroom Discussion (CDkomp)  
Lived democracy – Classroom engagement on environmental issues and development of critical mathematical competence  
Rural Teaching. Understanding Teacher Knowledge and Practice in Rural Areas (in Norway, Germany, Poland and Lithuania)  
Pre-service teachers expressions of mathematical critic during educational modelling activities focusing on real world model use  
Climate Change and Critical Mathematic Education  
Kapabilitet og kapabilitetsdanning hos elever ved yrkesfaglige utdanningsprogram i den videregående skolen.  
Teaching and learning about indices and their application in society  
Teaching indices as mathematical models and as entry points to critical discussions - Design and research of a teaching toolkit to be used in teacher education- international perspective  
Lived Democracy – qualities and challenges.  
Demokratisk danning i skolen - Empiriske studier  
Fake news i utdanning