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Aesthetics and children/youth with special needs - an interdisciplinary approach



Unn-Wenche Joramo
Pedersen kristin
Kristin Danielsen Wolf
Birgitta Cappelen
Andersson Anders-Petter
Trygve Aasgaard
Heidi Dahlsveen
Svein Fuglestad
Elisabeth Grønning
Torgeir Haugen
Inger Marie Lindboe
Kjell Ivar Skjerdingstad
Elena Tkachenko
Samira Jamouchi
Elin Skogdal
Einar Berg-Olsen
Jeanette Helleberg
Ingmar Meland
Katie Gaudion
Anne Greve
Knut Olav Kristensen
Marit Ulvund
Timothy Anderson
Karette Stensæth
Angelika Holzer
Unni Kjellman
Ruth Elisabeth Fuentes Arends
Ivanir Hasson Olsen
Elly Herikstad Tuset
Kulkanti Barboza
Tove Brita Eriksen
Jeanette Helleberg Dybvik


Oslo and Akershus University College for Applied Sciences
Pilestredet 52
0350 Oslo


Torgeir Haugen

Ansvarlig enhet(er)

Institutt for barnehagelærerutdanning


The network has two objects in mind: - to stimulate interdisciplinary practices and research with children/youth with special needs - to endorse aesthetic awareness in all approaches to children/youth with special needs - The network acknowledges a wide concept of literature and other aesthetic expressions including digital media, and we understand aesthetics as a reciprocal process that takes place in the meeting between people, regardless of their differences. Aesthetics include all art forms. Through music, motion, drama, play with puppets, arts and crafts, literature, pictures, videos, games and social media one may communicate issues that are otherwise difficult to bring up in verbal communication or surpasses the reach of language. Use of aesthetical experience is also important in diverse therapeutic practices such as Music Therapy and Multi-sensory integration (MSE). Aesthetical expressions represent some of the most valuable possibilities and resources in a human life that children with special needs have the right to take part in and share. The network is working on a scientific anthology to be published at Solum forlag spring 2016. The network is developing an international course in Aesthetics and children/youth with special needs (30 points, 10 + 10 + 10). The network is endorsing more research on this field, and will arrange a scientific workshop next year to go a steå further.


Health promoting interactive and musical co-creation. (2015)
Stensæth, Karette
Music and Physical Activity (2015)
Eriksen, Tove Brita
"Ba, Ba, Blood Corpuscle, Can You Become Some More"? - Song Creations and Musical Activities by/with Children in the Paediatric Oncology Ward (2015)
Aasgaard, Trygve
To be or not to be bilingual-for children With special needs? (2015)
Arends, Ruth Fuentes;Tkachenko, Elena
Teachers (in Early Childhood Education and Care) influence and participation in small children's play and interactions (2015)
Wolf, Kristin Danielsen
Arts and Crafts. Express Your hope and pain With brushes and colors. Monotopy. (2015)
Dybvik, Jeanette Helleberg;Kjellman, Unni
Dramatic play culture in a Norwegian kindergarten (2015)
Greve, Anne;Kristensen, Knut Olav
Literature, for with and by Children with Special Needs (2015)
Karlsson, Eivind
Designing Empowering Interactive MSE (2015)
Cappelen, Birgitta
Vocal and Musical Interaction for Health (2015)
Andersson, Anders-Petter
Polly World, Computerized Interactive Installation (2015)
Cappelen, Birgitta;Olofsson, Fredrik;Andersson, Anders-Petter
How to use puppets and music in mentalizing complex transitional situations through puppet play and song creation (presentation/workshop) (2015)
Grønning, Elisabeth;Fuglestad, Svein
The Fairy Tale Method. To Use Folk Tales as a Resource in Including children with Special Needs (2015)
Haugen, Torgeir
The Equal status of children: The essential role of the body (2015)
Lindboe, Inger Marie
Rebelrebel. Art performance (2015)
Jamouchi, Samira;Dybvik, Jeanette Helleberg
Are Norwegian kindergartens (age 1–5) using mealtimes as an opportunity to promote pedagogical food activities? (2015)
Tuset, Elly Herikstad