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Offshore wind turbine technology group


Our focus is on support structures for offshore wind energy. We are particularly interested in efficient analysis and computer-aided optimization of bottom-fixed structures, using numerical turbine simulations, statistical meta-modeling, and stochastic approaches. We offer consulting services for industry and employees of NTNU can use our wind turbine analysis software (e.g. DNV-GLGH Bladed). The group was started by Prof. Geir Moe (*2011) who was instrumental in establishing wind energy as a research field in Norway and at NTNU. The current head of the group is Prof. Michael Muskulus (since 2012). The current members of the group are: Prof. Michael Muskulus, Mayilvahanan Alagan Chella, Sebastian Schafhirt, Tu Ying, Lars Einar Stieng, Wojciech Popko (PhD student at Leibniz University Hannover).


Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow Past a Truss Tower for Offshore Downwind Turbines (2011)
Hagen, Torbjørn Ruud;Reiso, Marit;Muskulus, Michael
Tower Shadow - Experiment Comparing Wake Behind Tubular and Truss Towers (2011)
Reiso, Marit;Muskulus, Michael;Moe, Geir
Distance-Based Methods for Structural Damage Detection in Offshore Wind Turbine Installations (2011)
Muskulus, Michael
Numerical Tower Shadow Modeling for a Downwind Wind Turbine Truss Tower (OMAE2011-50118) (2011)
Hagen, Torbjørn Ruud;Reiso, Marit;Muskulus, Michael
A simple frequency-domain method for stress analysis of stall-regulated wind turbines (2012)
Merz, Karl Otto;Muskulus, Michael;Moe, Geir
Wind Energy
The simulation error caused by input loading variability in offshore wind turbine structural analysis (2015)
Zwick, Daniel;Muskulus, Michael
Wind Energy
Breaking Characteristics and Geometric Properties of Spilling Breakers over Slopes (2015)
Alagan Chella, Mayilvahanan;Bihs, Hans;Myrhaug, Dag;Muskulus, Michael
Coastal Engineering
Simplified rotor load models and fatigue damage estimates for offshore wind turbines (2015)
Muskulus, Michael
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Optimization of offshore wind turbine support structures using analytical gradient-based method (2015)
Chew, Kok Hon;Tai, Kang;Ng, E.Y.K.;Muskulus, Michael

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