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KURF - Komparativ urfolksforskning - Comparative Indigeneity


Sidsel Saugestad

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The 1926/27 Soviet Polar Census Expeditions (2011)
Anderson, David
Berghahn Books
Indigenous Household Structure And Economy Among Lake Essei Iakuts 1926/27: The Mystery Of The Magnate Reindeer Herders (2011)
Anderson, David
Learning Indigenous Knowledge Systems (2009)
Hays, Jennifer
Laponia och Finnmarkslagen – politisk förvaltning av naturresurserna (2009)
Bjerkli, Bjørn;Sande, Allan
The Other Side of ‘All’: Comparing Global Discourses of Education with a Community’s Choices – the case of the Nyae Nyae Ju|’hoansi in Namibia (2009)
Hays, Jennifer
Besvärliga urfolksrättigheter i Afrika - fallet Kalahari (2009)
Saugestad, Sidsel
Faith, Identity, and Ethnogenesis: memory and belonging among Lake Yessei Yakuts (2009)
Anderson, David
Background to the Centre for San Studies. The responsibility of academia (2010)
Saugestad, Sidsel
Contradictory Evidence as a Guide for Future Research - Investigating the Relationship between Pastoral Labour and Production (2010)
Næss, Marius Warg
Nomadic Peoples
Application of lipid biomarker analysis to evaluate the function of 'slab-lined pits' in Arctic Norway (2010)
Heron, Carl;Nilsen, Gørill;Stern, Ben;Craig, Oliver;Nordby, Camilla Celine
Journal of Archaeological Science
Environmental Stochasticity and Long-Term Livestock Viability—Herd-Accumulation as a Risk Reducing Strategy (2010)
Næss, Marius Warg;Bårdsen, Bård-Jørgen
Human Ecology (New York, N.Y.)
Cooperative pastoral production - the importance of kinship (2010)
Næss, Marius Warg;Bårdsen, Bård-Jørgen;Fauchald, Per;Tveraa, Torkild
Evolution and human behavior
Picturing Central Siberia: A Research Report on the Digitisation and Analysis of early twentieth Century Central Siberian Photographic Collections (2009)
Anderson, David;Campbell, Craig
Sibirica: Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies
La gestion interne de la diversité. La relation de l'État avec les Sames et les Norvégiens (2009)
Thuen, Trond
Ethnologie Française
Steps Forward and New Challenges: Indigenous Communities and Mother Tongue Education in Southern Africa (2009)
Hays, Jennifer Lynn
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
Det problematiske mangfold (2008)
Nilsen, Gørill
Nordisk Museologi
Comment on Donahoe et al. ‘Size and Place in the Construction of Indigeneity’ (2009)
Anderson, David
Current Anthropology
Landscape and Resistance. The Transformation of Common Land from Dwelling Landscape to Political Landscape (2010)
Bjerkli, Bjørn
Acta Borealia
Preface to Kuela Kiema: Tears For My Land. A Social History of the Kua of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Tc'amnqoo (2010)
Saugestad, Sidsel
Educational rights for indigenous communities in Botswana and Namibia (2011)
Hays, Jennifer
International Journal of Human Rights
Impact of international mechanisms on indigenous rights in Botswana (2011)
Saugestad, Sidsel
International Journal of Human Rights
Indigenous rights in southern Africa: international mechanisms and local contexts (2011)
Hays, Jennifer;Biesele, Megan
International Journal of Human Rights

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