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Human Rights and Social Harms (HUMANHARM)


Aleksandra Bartoszko
Carola Lingaas

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HUMANHARM is an interdisciplinary research group with a clear theoretical profile. The purpose of the group is to investigate and discuss human rights (HUMAN rights) and the consequences of human rights violations for individuals and groups in society (social HARMS). Human rights are examined from e.g. legal, criminological / zemiological, anthropological, sociological, psychological, theological and historical perspectives and theories and includes analyzes of local understandings, institutional and state violations, impacts on individuals and groups, reconciliation and truth commissions, so-called "restorative and transitional justice", hate crime and extremism and more. The group deals with human rights in the Norwegian, Nordic, European and international contexts, including comparative analyzes.


Treating Heroin Addiction in Norway: The Pharmaceutical Other (2021)
Bartoszko, Aleksandra
Untangling the Relationship Between Internalized Heterosexism and Psychological Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration: A Comparative Study of Lesbians and Bisexual Women in Turkey and Denmark (2021)
Ummak, Esra;Toplu-Demirtas, Ezgi;Jessen, Reidar Schei
Journal of Interpersonal Violence
The influence of internalized heterosexism on life satisfaction: comparing sexual minority women in Belgium and Turkey (2021)
Ummak, Esra;Toplu-Demirtas, Ezgi;Pope, Amber, L.;Moe, Jeffry
Current Psychology
In Love with the Virus: Reducing Harms, Promoting Dignity and Preventing Hepatitis C Through Graphic Narratives (2021)
Bartoszko, Aleksandra
Health Promotion Practice
Dehumanising Ideology, Metaphors, and Psychological Othering as Evidence of Genocidal Intent (2021)
Lingaas, Carola
International Criminal Law Review
«Menneske først, kristen så». Om teologi, rasisme mot samer og behovet for avkolonisering (2021)
Johnsen, Tore
Kirke og kultur
Wind Farms in Indigenous Areas: The Fosen (Norway) and the Lake Turkana Wind Project (Kenya) Cases (2021)
Lingaas, Carola
Hate Speech and Racialised Discrimination of the Norwegian Sámi: Legal Responses and Responsibility (2021)
Lingaas, Carola
Oslo Law Review
Survivors’ experiences with testifying in trials after gross human rights violations in Argentina (2021)
Sønneland, Anne Margrethe
Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture