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CollECT - Colloquium on Epistemology, Context, and Text, in Biblical Interpretation




Tarekegn Abate Chamisso
Anja Nieuwenhuis
Anna Rebecca Solevåg
Beth E. Elness-Hanson
Funlola Olojede
Helen Nambalirwa Nkabala
Helge Ask
Hoyce Mbowe
Jean de Dieu Rafalimanana
Jean Koulagna
Joanna Bauer
Jostein Ådna
Kjersti Wee
Knut Holter
Kristin Joachimsen
Marta Høyland Lavik
Medhat Youssef
Misgana Mathewos
Nina Sundnes Drønen
Ntozakhe Cezula
Olivier Randrianjaka
Oulia Makkonen
Tina Dykesteen Nilsen
Zephania Shila Nkesela


Faculty of theology, diaconia and leadership studies, VID Specialized University


Knut Holter

Ansvarlig enhet(er)

Fakultet for teologi, diakoni og ledelsesfag


CollECT is a research group linked to Faculty of theology, diaconia and leadership studies at VID Specialized University (Stavanger, Norway), but with members also from other universities and university colleges in Scandinavia and Africa. Professor Knut Holter is leader of CollECT (contact). CollECT’s overall aim is to create an environment for innovative biblical studies, with a particular focus on the roles different epistemologies and interpretive contexts play both in popular and critical biblical interpretation. As such the research promoted by the group negotiates with crucial currents in contemporary biblical, cultural and literary studies. Most members of CollECT approach their research material from explicitly African perspectives, identifying and analyzing experiences and concerns of African popular and critical biblical interpretation. Other members approach questions of epistemology and context in relation to texts from other contextual perspectives or theorize about epistemology and contextuality in relation to biblical interpretation. Due to its international and interinstitutional membership, CollECT mainly works through digital platforms, convening members to various work communities. Photo: Knut Holter

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