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1 Cohen, Jed J.; Azarova, Valeriya; Kløckner, Christian; Kollmann, Andrea; Löfström, Erica; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Polhill, J. Gareth; Reichl, Johannes; Salt, Douglas.
Tackling the challenge of interdisciplinary energy research: A research toolkit. Energy Research & Social Science 2021 ;Volum 74. s. -
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2 Corvino, Fausto; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Pirni, Alberto Eugenio Ermenegildo; Maran, Stefano.
Compensation for Energy Infrastructures: Can a Capability Approach be More Equitable?. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 2021 ;Volum 22.(2) s. 197-217
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3 Egner, Lars Even; Kløckner, Christian; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
Low free-riding at the cost of subsidizing the rich. Replicating Swiss energy retrofit subsidy findings in Norway. Energy and Buildings 2021 ;Volum 253. s. -
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4 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Egner, Lars Even; Kløckner, Christian; Löfström, Erica.
Sustainable Energy Policies and Equality: Is There a Nexus? Inferences From the Analysis of EU Statistical and Survey Data. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 2021 s. -
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5 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
Wind Power and Public Engagement: Co-operatives and Community Ownership. Routledge 2020 (ISBN 9781138589100) 234 s.
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6 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Corvino, Fausto; Löfquist, Lars.
Energy Justice and Intergenerational Ethics: Theoretical Perspectives and Institutional Designs. I: Energy Justice Across Borders. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-24020-2. s. 253-272
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7 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Pirni, Alberto Eugenio Ermenegildo; Maran, Stefano; Kløckner, Christian.
Delivering a timely and Just Energy Transition: which policy research priorities?. Environmental Policy and Governance 2020 ;Volum 30.(6) s. 293-305
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8 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
Energy equality and energy sufficiency: new policy principles to accelerate the energy transition. I: eceee 2019 Summer Study on energy efficiency: Is efficienct sufficient?. European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) 2019 ISBN 978-91-983878-5-8. s. 143-148
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9 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Corvino, Fausto; Pirni, Alberto Eugenio Ermenegildo.
Climate justice in practice: adapting democratic institutions for environmental citizenship. I: A Research Agenda for Climate Justice. Edward Elgar Publishing 2019 ISBN 978 1 78811 816 3. s. 104-117
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10 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Macsinga, Irina; Albulescu, Patricia; Löfström, Erica; Coralia, Sulea; Dumitru, Adina; Nayum, Alim.
D6.1 Report on social innovation drivers, barriers, actors and network structures. European Commission 2019 228 s.
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11 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Pirni, Alberto Eugenio Ermenegildo; Maran, Stefano.
Energy justice revisited: A critical review on the philosophical and political origins of equality. Energy Research & Social Science 2019 ;Volum 59. s. -
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12 Maran, Stefano; Pirni, Alberto Eugenio Ermenegildo; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
Raccomandazioni per il coinvolgimento degli stakeholder nello sviluppo della rete. Milano: Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE S.p.A. 2018 92 s.
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13 Leishman, Chris; Orr, A.M.; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
The impact of carbon emission reducing design features on office occupiers’ choice of premises. Urban Studies 2012
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14 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Leishman, Chris.
The role of corporate reputation and employees’ values in the uptake of energy efficiency in office buildings. Energy Policy 2011
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15 Jenkins, David; Banfill, P.F.; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
Non-domestic conclusions of the Tarbase project –Reducing CO2 emissions of existing buildings.. : Heriot-Watt University 2010
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16 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Bowels, G.; Peacock, A.; Ahadzi, M.; Banfill, P.F..
Whole life costing of domestic energy demand reduction technologies: householder perspectives. Construction Management and Economics 2010
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17 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Jenkins, David; McLaren, Gary; Bowles, Greaeme; Buchan, Ross.
Economic barriers to low-carbon office refurbishments. I: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings: IEECB Focus 2010. Ispra: European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements 2010 ISBN 978-92-79-16221-3. s. 114-125
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18 Peacock, Andrew; Jackson, Tim; Berry, Ali; Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe; Ahadzi, M..
Market Development Potential of Residential Refurbishment Packages. I: Act! Innovate! Deliver! Reducing energy demand sustainably: ECEEE 2009 Summer Study Proceedings. European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) 2009 ISBN 978-91-633-4454-1. s. 831-844
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19 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
Book Review: Spaces of Sustainability: Geographical Perspectives on the Sustainable Society Mark Whitehead, 2007 London: Routledge 242 pp. £22.50 paperback ISBN 9780415358040 Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment Matthew E. Kahn, 2006 Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press 160 pp. £11.99 Paperback ISBN 139780815748151. Urban Studies 2008 ;Volum 45.(4)
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20 Pellegrini-Masini, Giuseppe.
The carbon-saving behaviour of residential households. 51st IFHP World Congress; 2007-09-23 - 2007-09-26
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