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1 Dam, Thu-Lan; Chester, Sean; Nørvåg, Kjetil; Duong, Quang-Huy.
Efficient top-k recently-frequent term querying over spatio-temporal textual streams. Information Systems 2021 ;Volum 97. s. -
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2 Duong, Quang-Huy; Ramampiaro, Heri; Nørvåg, Kjetil.
Multiple Dense Subtensor Estimation with High Density Guarantee. I: 2020 IEEE 36th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). IEEE Press 2020 ISBN 978-1-7281-2903-7. s. 637-648
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3 Dam, Thu-Lan; Ramampiaro, Heri; Nørvåg, Kjetil; Duong, Quang-Huy.
Towards efficiently mining closed high utility itemsets from incremental databases. Knowledge-Based Systems 2019 ;Volum 165. s. 13-29
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4 Duong, Quang-Huy; Ramampiaro, Heri; Nørvåg, Kjetil.
Sketching Streaming Histogram Elements using Multiple Weighted Factors. I: CIKM '19: Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. ACM Publications 2019 ISBN 978-1-4503-6976-3. s. 19-28
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5 Fournier-Viger, Philippe; Yang, Peng; Lin, Chun Wei; Duong, Quang-Huy; Dam, Thu-Lan; Frnda, Jaroslav; Sevcik, Lukas; Voznak, Miroslav.
Discovering Periodic Itemsets using Novel Periodicity Measures. Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2019 ;Volum 17.(1) s. 33-44
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6 Dam, Thu-Lan; Li, Kenli; Fournier-Viger, Philippe; Duong, Quang-Huy.
CLS-Miner: efficient and effective closed high-utility itemset mining. Frontiers of Computer Science 2018 s. 1-25
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7 Duong, Quang-Huy; Ramampiaro, Heri; Nørvåg, Kjetil.
Applying temporal dependence to detect changes in streaming data. Applied intelligence (Boston) 2018 ;Volum 48.(12) s. 4805-4823
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8 Duong, Quang-Huy; Ramampiaro, Heri; Nørvåg, Kjetil; Fournier-Viger, Philippe; Dam, Thu-Lan.
High utility drift detection in quantitative data streams. Knowledge-Based Systems 2018 ;Volum 157. s. 34-51
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9 Dam, Thu-Lan; Li, Kenli; Fournier-Viger, Philippe; Duong, Quang-Huy.
An efficient algorithm for mining top-k on-shelf high utility itemsets. Knowledge and Information Systems 2017 ;Volum Published ahead of print. s. 1-35
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10 Duong, Quang-Huy; Fournier-Viger, Philippe; Ramampiaro, Heri; Nørvåg, Kjetil; Dam, Thu-Lan.
Efficient High Utility Itemset Mining using Buffered Utility-Lists. Applied intelligence (Boston) 2017 ;Volum 48.(7) s. 1859-1877
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