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1 Geiser, Fritz; Bondarenco, Artiom; Currie, Shannon E; Doty, Anna C; Körtner, Gerhard; Law, Bradley S; Pavey, Chris R; Riek, Alexander; Stawski, Clare; Turbill, Christopher; Willis, Craig KR; Brigham, R Mark.
Hibernation and daily torpor in Australian and New Zealand bats: does the climate zone matter?. Australian journal of zoology (Print) 2020
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2 Stawski, Clare; Geiser, Fritz.
Growing up in a changing climate: how temperature affects the development of morphological, behavioral and physiological traits of a marsupial mammal. Frontiers in Physiology 2020 ;Volum 11.(49) s. 1-10
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3 Boyles, Justin G.; Levesque, Danielle L.; Nowack, Julia; Wojciechowski, Michał S.; Stawski, Clare; Fuller, Andrea; Smit, Ben; Tattersall, Glenn J..
An oversimplification of physiological principles leads to flawed macroecological analyses. Ecology and Evolution 2019
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4 Einum, Sigurd; Ratikainen, Irja Ida; Wright, Jonathan; Pelabon, Christophe; Bech, Claus; Jutfelt, Fredrik; Stawski, Clare; Burton, Tim.
How to quantify thermal acclimation capacity?. Global Change Biology 2019
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5 Hume, Taylor; Geiser, Fritz; Currie, Shannon E; Körtner, Gerhard; Stawski, Clare.
Responding to the weather: energy budgeting by a small mammal in the wild. Current Zoology 2019 ;Volum zoz023. s. -
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6 Parker, Cassandra A.; Geiser, Fritz; Stawski, Clare.
Thermal physiology and activity in relation to reproductive status and sex in a free-ranging semelparous marsupial. Conservation Physiology 2019 ;Volum 7. s. -
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7 Stawski, Clare; Doty, Anna.
A physiological understanding of organismal responses to fire. Current Biology 2019 ;Volum 29.(5) s. R146-R147
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8 Currie, Shannon E; Stawski, Clare; Geiser, Fritz.
Cold-hearted bats: uncoupling of heart rate and metabolism during torpor at sub-zero temperatures. Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 ;Volum 221. s. 1-8
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9 Doty, Anna; Currie, Shannon E; Stawski, Clare; Geiser, Fritz.
Can bats sense smoke during deep torpor?. Physiology and Behavior 2018 ;Volum 185. s. 31-38
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10 Geiser, Fritz; Stawski, Clare; Doty, Anna; Christine, Cooper; Nowack, Julia.
A burning question: what are the risks and benefits of mammalian torpor during and after fires?. Conservation Physiology 2018 ;Volum 6.(1) s. 1-12
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11 Nowack, Julia; Stawski, Clare; Körtner, Gerhard; Geiser, Fritz.
Physiological and behavioral responses of an arboreal mammal to smoke and charcoal-ash substrate. Physiology and Behavior 2018 ;Volum 184. s. 116-121
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12 Stawski, Clare.
A journey in science: Q&A with alumna Dr Clare Stawski. [Internett] 2018-08-23
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13 Stawski, Clare.
Birds and bats: masters of hovering. Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 ;Volum 221.
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14 Stawski, Clare.
Don’t want grumpy spiders? Keep it cool. Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 ;Volum 221.
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15 Stawski, Clare.
Forskerjakt på flaggermus. [Internett] 2018-07-24
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16 Stawski, Clare.
Salmon nourish their children even after death. Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 ;Volum 221.
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17 Stawski, Clare.
The bond between tropical forests and orangutans. Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 ;Volum 221.
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18 Stawski, Clare.
Swindling cuckoos: hawk-like call tricks hosts. Journal of Experimental Biology 2017 ;Volum 220. s. 4325-4325
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19 Stawski, Clare; Koteja, Paweł; Sadowska, Edyta T.
A shift in the thermoregulatory curve as a result of selection for high activity-related aerobic metabolism. Frontiers in Physiology 2017 ;Volum 8. s. -
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