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1 Pérez Sánchez, Juan Manuel; Rojas Díaz, José Luis.
‘Beyond the Grave’: Equivalence of Specialized Phraseological Units Containing Dead Metaphors in an English-Spanish Dictionary of Commerce and Economics. Mutatis Mutandis - Latin American Translation Journal 2021 ;Volum 14.(2) s. 527-546
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2 Rojas Díaz, José Luis; Pérez Sánchez, Juan Manuel.
"A Baptism of Fire": Towards a Practical Hybrid Approach for the Lexicographic Indexation of Phraseological Units with Religious Lexical Components in English and Spanish. CLINA: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Communication 2021 ;Volum 6.(2) s. 95-117
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3 Rojas Diaz, José Luis.
“From head to toe”: A lexical, semantic, and morphosyntactic study of idioms in phraseological dictionaries in English and Spanish. MonTI : monografías de traducción e interpretación 2020 (SI 6) s. 287-326
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4 Rojas Diaz, José Luis; Pérez Sánchez, Juan Manuel.
“You Took the Word Out of My Mouth”: A Morphosyntactic and Semantic Analysis of a Phraseological Lexicon of Colombian Spanish. I: Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology : Third International Conference, Eurphras 2019.. Springer Publishing Company 2019 ISBN 978-3-030-30134-7. s. 375-390
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5 Arboleda Guisao, Bibiana; Rojas Diaz, José Luis.
Análisis léxico sobre la opacidad ortográfica de la crónica de indias: el caso del verbo haber. Lenguaje 2018 ;Volum 46.(1) s. 127-148
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