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1 Altintzoglou, Themistoklis; Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Ageeva, Tatiana Nikolaevna; Cordeiro, Cheryl Marie; Govaerts, Florent; Iversen, Stian Gjerstad; James, Philip; Løvdal, Trond; Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Rognså, Guro Helgesdotter; Sone, Izumi; Stormo, Svein Kristian; Wang, Xinxin; Skipnes, Dagbjørn.
Sustainable seaweed value creation: The TastyKelp Project. 49th Conference of the West European Fish Technologists Association - WEFTA; 2019-10-14 - 2019-10-18
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2 Vaka, Mette Risa; Sone, Izumi; Álvarez, Rebecka García; Walsh, James Leon; Prabhu, Leena; Sivertsvik, Morten; Noriega Fernández, Estefanía.
Towards the Next-Generation Disinfectant: Composition, Storability and Preservation Potential of Plasma Activated Water on Baby Spinach Leaves. Foods 2019 ;Volume 8.(12) p. 1-16
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3 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía.
Nettverktøy for sunn, bærekraftig mat. Næringsnytte 2018 ;Volume 8.(28)
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4 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Kristoffersen, Kenneth Aase; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Skipnes, Dagbjørn; Sivertsvik, Morten; Lindberg, Diana.
Role of innovative processing technologies and FTIR monitoring in the valorization of proteins from rest raw materials from the fish and meat industry.. 32nd EFFoST International Conference; 2018-11-06 - 2018-11-08
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5 Shortt, Colette; Hasselwander, Oliver; Meynier, Alexandra; Nauta, Arjen; Noriega, Estefanía Fernández; Putz, Peter; Rowland, Ian; Swann, Jonathan; Türk, Jessica; Vermeiren, Joan; Antoine, Jean-Michel.
Systematic review of the effects of the intestinal microbiota on selected nutrients and non-nutrients. European Journal of Nutrition 2017 ;Volume 57.(1) p. 25-49
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6 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Laca, Adriana; Díaz, Mario.
Decisive role of structure in food microbial colonisation and implications for predictive microbiology. Journal of Food Protection 2010 ;Volume 73.(5) p. 938-951
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7 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Laca, Adriana; Díaz, Mario.
Development of a structure-based model for the competitive growth of L. innocua in minced chicken breasts. International journal of food microbiology 2010 ;Volume 142.(1-2) p. 44-52
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8 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Laca, Adriana; Díaz, Mario.
Listeria growth under diffusional limitations in synthetic meats. International journal of food science & technology 2009 ;Volume 44. p. 725-734
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9 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Laca, Adriana; Díaz, Mario.
Modelling of diffusion-limited growth for food safety in simulated cheeses. Food and Bioproducts Processing 2008 ;Volume 86. p. 122-129
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10 Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; Laca, Adriana; Díaz, Mario.
Modelling of diffusion-limited growth to predict Listeria distribution in structured model foods. Journal of Food Engineering 2008 ;Volume 87. p. 247-256
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11 Herrero, Monica; Noriega Fernández, Estefanía; García, Luis Arsenio; Díaz, Mario.
Influence of a malolactic starter on the quality of the cider produced on an industrial scale. European Food Research and Technology 2005 ;Volume 221. p. 168-174
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