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1 Kumar, Siddhartha; Lin, Hsuan-Yin; Rosnes, Eirik; Graell Amat, Alexandre I.
Achieving Maximum Distance Separable Private Information Retrieval Capacity With Linear Codes. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 2019 ;Volume 65.(7) p. 4243-4273
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2 Lin, Hsuan-Yin; Kumar, Siddhartha; Rosnes, Eirik; Amat, A GgraelI I; Yaakobi, Eitan.
Weakly-Private Information Retrieval. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. Proceedings 2019 ;Volume 2019-July. p. 1257-1261
3 Kumar, Siddhartha.
Privacy, Security, and Repair in Distributed Storage Systems. : University of Bergen 2018 (ISBN 978-82-308-3651-4)
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4 Kumar, Siddhartha; Graell i Amat, Alexandre; Andriyanova, Iryna; Brannstrom, Fredrik; Rosnes, Eirik.
Code Constructions for Distributed Storage With Low Repair Bandwidth and Low Repair Complexity. IEEE Transactions on Communications 2018 ;Volume 66.(12) p. 5847-5860
5 Kumar, Siddhartha; Rosnes, Eirik; Graell i Amat, Alexandre.
Secure repairable fountain codes. IEEE Communications Letters 2016 ;Volume 20.(8) p. 1491-1494
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