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1 Karlsson, Jonas; Eriksson, Thomas; Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Isabell, Fridh.
The Patient’s Situation During Interhospital Intensive Care Unit-to-Unit Transfers: A Hermeneutical Observational Study. Qualitative Health Research 2019 s. 1-12
2 Olausson, Sepideh; Isabell, Fridh; Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Torkildsby, Anne Britt.
The Meaning of Comfort in the Intensive Care Unit. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly 2019 ;Volum 42.(3) s. 329-341
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3 Israelsson-Skogsberg, Åsa; Hedén, Lena; Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Laakso, Katja.
‘I’m almost never sick’: Everyday life experiences of children and young people with home mechanical ventilation. Journal of Child Health Care 2018 ;Volum 22.(1) s. 6-18
4 Johansson, Lotta; Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Knutsson, Susanne; Ögren, Mikael; Waye, Kerstin Persson; Ringdal, Mona.
Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study. Australian Critical Care 2018 ;Volum 31.(2) s. 59-70
5 Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Kirk, Sue.
When technology enters the home – a systematic and integrative review examining the influence of technology on the meaning of home. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 2018 ;Volum 33.(1) s. 43-56
6 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg; Brink, Eva; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
A theoretical framework for emancipatory nursing with a focus on environment and persons' own and shared lifeworld. Advances in Nursing Science 2018 ;Volum 41.(4) s. 340-350
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7 Engwall, Marie; Fridh, Isabell; Jutengren, Göran; Bergbom, Ingegerd; Sterner, Anders; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
The effect of cycled lighting in the intensive care unit on sleep, activity and physiological parameters: A pilot study.. Intensive & Critical Care Nursing 2017 ;Volum 41. s. 26-32
8 Sundberg, Fredrika; Olausson, Sepideh; Fridh, Isabell; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Nursing staff’s experiences of working in an evidence-based designed ICU patient room—An interview study. Intensive & Critical Care Nursing 2017
9 Israelsson-Skogsberg, Åsa; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Personal care assistants' experiences of caring for people on home mechanical ventilation. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 2016 ;Volum 31.(1) s. 27-36
10 Johansson, Lotta; Knutsson, Susanne; Bergbom, Ingegerd; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Noise in the ICU patient room – Staff knowledge and clinical improvements. Intensive & Critical Care Nursing 2016 ;Volum 35. s. 1-9
11 Skyman, Eva; Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Bergbom, Ingegerd; Sjöström, Harrieth Thunberg; Åhrén, Christina.
Being Met as marked - patients' experiences of being infected with community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). - PubMed - NCBI. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 2016 ;Volum 30.(4) s. 813-820
12 Engwall, Marie; Fridh, Isabell; Johansson, Lotta; Bergbom, Ingegerd; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Lighting, sleep and circadian rhythm: An intervention study in the intensive care unit. Intensive & Critical Care Nursing 2015 ;Volum 31.(6) s. 325-335
13 Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Bergbom, Ingegerd.
Bringing Research Into a Closed and Protected Place: Development and Implementation of a Complex Clinical Intervention Project in an ICU. Critical Care Nursing Quarterly 2015 ;Volum 38.(4) s. 393-404
14 Skyman, Eva; Bergbom, Ingegerd; Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Larsson, Leif; Lindqvist, Anna; Sjöström, Harrieth Thunberg; Århén, Christina.
Notification card to alert for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is stigmatizing from the patient's point of view. Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases 2014 ;Volum 46.(6) s. 440-446
15 Lindahl, Berit Kristina; Lindblad, Britt-Marie.
Being the Parent of a Ventilator-Assisted Child: Perceptions of the Family–Health Care Provider Relationship When Care Is Offered in the Family Home. Journal of Family Nursing 2013 ;Volum 19.(4) s. 489-508
16 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Living in liminality--being simultaneously visible and invisible: caregivers' narratives of palliative care. Journal of Social Work in End-Of-Life & Palliative Care 2013 ;Volum 9.(4) s. 272-288
17 Johansson, Lotta; Bergbom, Ingegerd; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Meanings of being critically ill in a sound-intensive ICU patient room - a phenomenological hermeneutical study. Open Nursing Journal 2012 ;Volum 6. s. 108-116