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1 Jaccheri, Maria Letizia; Mishra, Deepti; Houmb, Siv Hilde; Omerovic, Aida; Papavlasopoulou, Sofia.
SikkerhetsLøypa-Knowledge Toward Sustainable and Secure Paths of Creative and Critical Digital Skills. I: Entertainment Computing–ICEC 2017: 16th IFIP TC 14 International Conference Proceedings. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-24588-1. s. 157-168
2 Mishra, Deepti; Aydin, Secil; Mishra, Alok; Ostrovska, Sofiya.
Knowledge management in requirement elicitation: Situational methods view. Computer Standards & Interfaces 2017
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3 Mishra, Deepti; Ostrovska, Sofiya; Hacaloglu, Tuna.
Exploring and Expanding Students' Success in Software Testing. Information Technology and People 2017 ;Volum 30.(4) s. 927-945
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4 Mishra, Alok; Münch, Jürgen; Lassenius, Casper; Mishra, Deepti.
Information Systems in Distributed Environment. Computer Standards & Interfaces 2016 ;Volum 48. s. 183-183
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5 Mishra, Deepti; Ostrovska, Sofiya; Hacaloglu, Tuna.
Assessing Team Work in Engineering Projects. International journal of engineering education 2015 ;Volum 31.(2) s. 627-634
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6 Mishra, Deepti; Akman, Ibrahim; Mishra, Alok.
Theory of Reasoned Action application for Green Information Technology acceptance. Computers in Human Behavior 2014 ;Volum 36.(July) s. 29-40
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7 Mishra, Deepti; Hacaloglu, Tuna; Mishra, Alok.
Teaching Software Verification and Validation Course: A Case Study. International journal of engineering education 2014 ;Volum 30.(6A) s. 1476-1485
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8 Catal, Cagatay; Mishra, Deepti.
Test Case Prioritization: A Systematic Mapping Study. Software quality journal 2013 ;Volum 21.(3) s. 445-478
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9 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
Applications of Stakeholder Theory in Information Systems and Technology. Engineering Economics 2013 ;Volum 24.(3) s. 254-266
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10 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
Industry Oriented Advanced Software Engineering Education Curriculum. Croatian Journal of Education 2012 ;Volum 14.(3) s. 595-624
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11 Mishra, Alok; Yazici, Ali; Mishra, Deepti.
Green Information Technology/Information System Education: Curriculum Views. Technics Technologies Education Management: TTEM 2012 ;Volum 7.(2) s. 679-686
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12 Mishra, Deepti; Balgioglu, Eda; Mishra, Alok.
Measuring Project and Quality Aspects in Agile Software Development. Technics Technologies Education Management: TTEM 2012 ;Volum 7.(1) s. 122-127
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13 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
A Global Software Inspection Process for Distributed Software Development. Journal of universal computer science (Online) 2012 ;Volum 18.(19) s. 2731-2746
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14 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok; Ostrovska, Sofiya.
Impact of physical ambiance on communication, collaboration and coordination in agile software development: An empirical evaluation. Information and Software Technology 2012 ;Volum 54.(10) s. 1067-1078
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15 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
E-Government - Exploring the Different Dimensions Of Challenges, Implementation, and Success Factors. Data Base for Advances in Information Systems 2011 ;Volum 42.(4) s. 23-37
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16 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
E-learning experience at various universities: Academics perspective. Tehnicki Vjesnik 2011 ;Volum 18.(1) s. 133-140
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17 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
ERP System Implementation: Evidence from the Oil and gas Sector. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica 2011 ;Volum 8.(4) s. 55-74
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18 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
Legal Business Information System: Implementation Process View. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica 2011 ;Volum 8.(2) s. 45-59
NTNU Untitled
19 Mishra, Deepti.
New Inheritance Complexity Metrics for Object-Oriented Software Systems and their Evaluation with Weyuker’s Properties. Computing and informatics 2011 ;Volum 30.(2) s. 267-293
NTNU Untitled
20 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
A Review of Non-Technical Issues in Global Software Development. International journal of computer applications in technology 2011 ;Volum 40.(3) s. 216-224
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21 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Complex Software Project Development: Agile Methods Adoption. Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice 2011 ;Volum 23.(8) s. 549-564
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22 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Object-Oriented Inheritance Metrics related with Cognitive Complexity. Fundamenta Informaticae 2011 ;Volum 111.(1) s. 91-117
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23 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Research Trends in Management Issues of Global Software Development: Evaluating the Past to Envision the Future. Journal of Global Information Technology Management 2011 ;Volum 14.(4) s. 48-69
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24 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
Application of RFID in Aviation Industry: An Exploratory Review. Promet 2010 ;Volum 22.(5) s. 363-372
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25 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
ERP System Implementation in FMCG Sector. Tehnicki Vjesnik 2010 ;Volum 17.(1) s. 115-120
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26 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Improving Baggage Tracking, Security & Customer Services with RFID in the Airline Industry. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica 2010 ;Volum 7.(2) s. 139-154
NTNU Untitled
27 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Managing Requirements in Market-Driven Software Project - Agile Methods View. Tehnicki Vjesnik 2010 ;Volum 17.(2) s. 223-229
NTNU Untitled
28 Mishra, Alok; Mishra, Deepti.
Customer Relationship Management - Implementation Process Perspective. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica 2009 ;Volum 6.(4) s. 83-99
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29 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Effective Communication, Collaboration and Coordination in eXtreme Programming: Human Centric Perspective in Small Organization. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing 2009 ;Volum 19.(5) s. 438-456
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30 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Simplified Software Inspection in Compliance with International Standards. Computer Standards & Interfaces 2009 ;Volum 31.(4) s. 763-771
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31 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Software Process Improvement in SMEs: A Comparative View. Computer Science and Information Systems 2009 ;Volum 6.(1) s. 111-140
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32 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Achieving Success in Supply Chain Management Software by Agility. I: Product-Focused Software Process Improvement, 8th International Conference, PROFES 2007, Riga, Latvia, July 2-4, 2007, Proceedings. Springer 2007 ISBN 9783540734604. s. 237-246
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33 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
An Efficient Software Review Process for Small & Medium Enterprises. IET Software 2007 ;Volum 1.(4) s. 132-142
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34 Mishra, Deepti; Mishra, Alok.
Software Quality Assurance Models in SME – A Comparison. International Journal of Information Technology and Management 2006 ;Volum 6.(1) s. 4-20
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