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1 Strømberg, Anders; Vinje, Jakob; Penty, Arthur George; Folven, Erik.
Squeezed Ice: Anisotropy and Hysteresis Tailoring in a Magnetic Metamaterial. Norwegian NanoSymposium 2020; 2021-10-05 - 2021-10-06
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2 Vinje, Jakob; Guadagno, Noemi Antonella; Progida, Cinzia; Sikorski, Pawel.
Analysis of Actin and Focal Adhesion Organisation in U2OS Cells on Polymer Nanostructures. Nanoscale Research Letters 2021 ;Volum 16.(1) s. -
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3 Vinje, Jakob; Beckwith, Kai Sandvold; Sikorski, Pawel.
Electron Beam Lithography Fabrication of SU-8 Polymer Structures for Cell Studies. Journal of microelectromechanical systems 2020 ;Volum 29.(2) s. 160-169
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4 Beckwith, Kai Sandvold; Ullmann, Sindre; Vinje, Jakob; Sikorski, Pawel.
Influence of Nanopillar Arrays on Fibroblast Motility, Adhesion, and Migration Mechanisms. Small 2019 ;Volum 15.(43) s. 1902514-
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5 Ullmann, Sindre; Vinje, Jakob; Schanke, Rasmus; Sikorski, Pawel; Beckwith, Kai Sandvold.
Influence of nanopillar arrays on fibroblast motility, adhesion and migration mechanisms. Oppdalsmøtet i Åre; 2018-04-10 - 2018-04-11
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6 Vinje, Jakob; Beckwith, Kai Sandvold; Cooil, Simon Phillip; Wells, Justin; Sikorski, Pawel.
Nano-structured surfaces and controlled surface chemistry for cell studies. Nano@NTNU Symposium 2017; 2017-12-06 - 2017-12-07
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7 Vinje, Jakob; Beckwith, Kai Sandvold; Cooil, Simon Phillip; Wells, Justin; Sikorski, Pawel.
Nano-structuring and controlled surface chemistry for cell-studies and biomedical applications. Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2017; 2017-05-09
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8 Vinje, Jakob; Falck, Merete; Mazzola, Federico; Cooil, Simon Phillip; Koch, Henrik; Høyvik, Ida-Marie; Wells, Justin.
Tautomerization of thymine using ultraviolet light. Langmuir 2017 ;Volum 33.(38) s. 9666-9672
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9 Vinje, Jakob Balsliemke.
Photochemistry of a Nucleobase Relevant to the Formation of Malignant Melanoma - Using Spectroscopic Techniques to Study the UV-Induced Damage of Thymine on MoS2. Trondheim: Department of Physics, NTNU 2016
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