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1 Liu, Peng; Zhang, Lemei; Gulla, Jon Atle.
Real-time social recommendation based on graph embedding and temporal context. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2018 s. 1-15
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2 Gulla, Jon Atle; Zhang, Lemei; Liu, Peng; Özgöbek, Özlem; Su, Xiaomeng.
The Adressa dataset for news recommendation. I: IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2017 ISBN 978-1-4503-4951-2. s. 1042-1048
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3 Liu, Peng; Gulla, Jon Atle; Zhang, Lemei.
A joint model for analyzing topic and sentiment dynamics from large-scale online news. World wide web (Bussum) 2017 s. 1-23
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4 Zhang, Lemei; Liu, Peng; Gulla, Jon Atle.
A Neural Time Series Forecasting Model for User Interests Prediction On Twitter. 25th International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization; 2017-07-09 - 2017-07-12
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5 Liu, Peng; Gulla, Jon Atle; Zhang, Lemei.
Dynamic Topic-Based Sentiment Analysis of Large-Scale Online News. 17th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering; 2016-11-07 - 2016-11-10
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6 Marco, Cristina; Fidjestøl, Arne Dag; Gulla, Jon Atle; Ingvaldsen, Jon Espen; Liu, Peng; Özgöbek, Özlem; Zhang, Lemei.
The SmartMedia news recommender system for mobile devices. New European Media Summit 2016; 2016-11-23 - 2016-11-24
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7 Liu, Peng; Chen, Wei; Ou, Gaoyan; Wang, Tengjiao; Yang, Dongqing; Lei, Kai.
Sarcasm Detection in Social Media Based on Imbalanced Classification. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2014 ;Volum 8485. s. 459-471
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8 Ou, Gaoyan; Chen, Wei; Liu, Peng; Wang, Tengjiao; Yang, Dongqing; Lei, Kai; Liu, Yueqin.
Aspect-Specific Polarity-Aware Summarization of Online Reviews. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2013 ;Volum 7923. s. 289-300
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