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1 Bjørgen, Karl Oskar Pires; Emberson, David; Løvås, Terese.
Diffuse Back-illuminated Imaging of Soot in an Optical Reciprocating Rapid Compression Machine. Nordic Flame Days; 2017-10-10 - 2017-11-11
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2 Emberson, David; Bjørgen, Karl Oskar Pires; Løvås, Terese.
Arctic Biodiesel Performance and PM Number Emissions. COMODIA 2017; 2017-07-25 - 2017-07-28
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3 Bjørgen, Karl Oskar Pires; Emberson, David; Løvås, Terese.
Combustion Characterization of Second-generation Biofuels for Arctic Conditions in Compression-ignition Engines. 36th International Symposium on Combustion; 2016-07-31 - 2016-08-05
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4 Emberson, David.
Stochastic Reactor Model Aiding Experimental HCCI Engine Operating on Surrogate Bio-Producer Gas. SAE 2016
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5 Emberson, David; Ihracska, B; Imran, S; Diez, A.
Optical characterization of Diesel and water emulsion fuel injection sprays using shadowgraphy. Fuel 2016 ;Volum 172. s. 253-262
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6 Emberson, David.
Hydraulic characterization of Diesel and water emulsions using momentum flux. Fuel 2015
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