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1 Juranek, Steffen; Zoutman, Floris Tobias.
The effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions on the demand for health care and on mortality: evidence from COVID-19 in Scandinavia. Journal of Population Economics 2021 ;Volum 34. s. 1299-1320
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2 Freiwald, Nisa E.; Juranek, Steffen; Walz, Uwe.
On the economic geography of dual distribution — The case of McDonald’s in Germany. Economics Letters 2020 ;Volum 191. s. -
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3 Juranek, Steffen; Quan, Thomas; Turner, John L..
Patents, Litigation Strategy and Antitrust in Innovative Industries. Review of Industrial Organization 2020 ;Volum 56. s. 667-696
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4 Juranek, Steffen; Walz, Uwe.
Organizational Design, Competition, and Financial Exchanges. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 2019
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5 Haus, Axel; Juranek, Steffen.
Non-practicing entities: Enforcement specialists?. International Review of Law and Economics 2018 ;Volum 53. s. 38-49
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6 Juranek, Steffen.
Investing in legal advice. Information Economics and Policy 2018 ;Volum 44. s. 28-46
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7 Juranek, Steffen; Schindler, Dirk; Schjelderup, Guttorm.
Transfer pricing regulation and taxation of royalty payments. Journal of Public Economic Theory 2018 ;Volum 20.(1) s. 67-84
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8 Juranek, Steffen.
Creating a National Champion: International Competition and Unbundling in Rail Transportation. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 2016 ;Volum 50.(1) s. 56-75
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9 Heinz, Matthias; Juranek, Steffen; Rau, Holger A..
Do Women Behave more Reciprocally than Men? Gender Differences in Real Effort Dictator Games. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2012 ;Volum 83.(1) s. 105-110