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1 Aranya, Rolee; Rørtveit, Hilde Nymoen; Smith, David; Støa, Eli.
Reconciling goals of social and physical sustainability: an examination of spatial dimension of social integration in Trondheim, Norway. AESOP annual congress '17: Spaces if dialogue for places of dignity. Fostering the European dimention of planning; 2017-07-11
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2 Smith, David.
The Role of Architects in Building Urban Disaster Resilience. 2017 (157) s. 15-16
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3 Smith, David.
Petty trade and the private sector in urban reconstruction: learning from Haiti’s post-earthquake Iron Market. I: Urban Disaster Resilience: New Dimensions from International Practice in the Built Environment. Routledge 2016 ISBN 9781138849631. s. 157-171
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4 Smith, David.
Learning from the Marche Hyppolite, Port-au-Prince, Haiti: an assessment of the philanthropic reconstruction of an urban place. Oxford: Centre for Development and Emergency Practice, Oxford Brookes University 2011 93 s.
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5 Smith, David.
Un retour au civisme: communautés culturelles et environnement bâti. Québec: École d'architecture, Université Laval 2010 86 s.
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