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1 Asperheim, John Inge; Das, Prerana; Grande, Björnar; Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Petzold, Thomas.
Three-dimensional numerical study of heat-affected zone in induction welding of tubes. Compel 2020
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2 Carraturo, Massimo; Rocca, Elisabetta; Bonetti, Elena; Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Reali, Alessandro; Auricchio, Ferdinando.
Graded-material design based on phase-field and topology optimization. Computational Mechanics 2019 ;Volum 64. s. 1589-1600
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3 Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Krumbiegel, Klaus; Togobytska, Nataliya.
Optimal control of multiphase steel production. Journal of Mathematics in Industry 2019 ;Volum 9.(1) s. -
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4 Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Lu, Shuai; Yamamoto, Masahiro.
Uniqueness for an inverse problem for a nonlinear parabolic system with an integral term by one-point Dirichlet data. Journal of Differential Equations 2018 s. 1-20
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5 Farshbaf Shaker, Mohammed Hassan; Henrion, Rene; Hömberg, Dietmar Josef.
Chance constraints in PDE constrained optimization. Set-Valued and Variational Analysis 2017 ;Volum 26.(4) s. 821-841
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6 Ghezzi, Luca; Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Landry, Chantal.
Math for the Digital Factory. Springer 2017 (ISBN 978-3-319-63957-4) 348 s. Mathematics in Industry(27)
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7 Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Patacchini, Francresco Saverio; Sakamoto, Kenichi.
A revisited Johnson--Mehl--Avrami--Kolmogorov model and the evolution of grain-size distributions in steel. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 2017 ;Volum 82. s. 763-780
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8 Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Patacchini, Francresco Saverio; Sakamoto, Kenichi; Zimmer, Johannes.
Revisited Johnson-Mehl-Avrami-Kolmogorov model and the evolution of grain-size distributions in steel. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 2017 ;Volum 82.(4) s. 763-780
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9 Guo, Yukun; Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Hu, Guanghui; Li, Jingzhi; Liu, Hongyu.
A time domain sampling method for inverse acoustic scattering problems. Journal of Computational Physics 2016 ;Volum 314. s. 647-660
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10 Hömberg, Dietmar Josef; Liu, Qingzhe; Montalvo-Urquizo, Jonathan; Nadolski, Dawid; Petzold, Thomas; Schmidt, Alfred; Schulz, Alwin.
Simulation of multi-frequency-induction-hardening including phase transitions and mechanical effects. Finite elements in analysis and design 2016 ;Volum 121. s. 86-100
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11 Homberg, Dietmar Josef; Petzold, Thomas; Rocca, Elisabetta.
Analysis and simulations of multifrequency induction hardening. Nonlinear Analysis: Real world applications 2015 ;Volum 22. s. 84-97
12 Bleck, Wolfgang; Homberg, Dietmar Josef; Prahl, Ulrich; Suwanpinij, Piyada; Togobytska, Nataliya.
Optimal control of a cooling line for production of hot rolled dual phase steel. Steel Research International 2014 ;Volum 85. s. 1328-1333
13 Homberg, Dietmar Josef; Lu, Shuai; Sakamoto, Kenichi; Yamamoto, Masahiro.
Parameter identification in non-isothermal nucleation and growth processes. Inverse Problems 2014 ;Volum 30. s. 035003/1-035003/24