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1 Collins, David.
Green Leases and Green Leasing: A Terminological Overview of Academia and Practice. EuroFM 2018 (ISBN 978-94-90694-09-8) 12 s.
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2 Collins, David; Haugen, Tore; Aamodt, Christian.
BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SUSTAINABLE FM AND SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS An exploratory study of six public buildings in Norway. I: International Research Conference 2017: Shaping tomorrow's built Environment. Manchester: International Council for Research and innovation in Building and Construction 2017 ISBN 9781912337002. s. 255-264
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3 Backe, Tom; Collins, David.
Barekraftig eiendomsforvaltning og grønne leiekontrakter. Fremtidensby [Avis] 2016-03-31
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4 Collins, David; Junghans, Antje; Haugen, Tore.
Green and Sustainable – How are These Terms Reflected in the Context of Facilities Management?. I: Proceedings of CFM’s second nordic conference: Facilities Management Research and Practice. Does FM contribute to happiness in the Nordic Countries. Polyteknisk Boghandel og Forlag 2016 ISBN 9788750211044. s. 115-127
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5 Collins, David; Junghans, Antje; Haugen, Tore.
Green leasing in theory and practice: A study focusing on the drivers and barriers for owners and tenants of commercial offices. Raportti (Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto. Rakennustuotanto ja -talous) 2016
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6 Collins, David; Junghans, Antje.
Sustainable facilities management and green leasing: The company strategic approach. Procedia Economics and Finance 2015 ;Volum 21. s. 128-136
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7 Collins, David; Junghans, Antje.
The Users Impact on Buildings’ Sustainability – A Qualitative Approach. I: People make facilities management - Proceedings of the European Facility Management Conference EFMC 2015. : EuroFM 2015 ISBN 978-94-90694-05-0. s. 157-163
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