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1 Mitrovic, Branko.
"Art and Objects by Graham Harman, Polity 2020". British Journal of Aesthetics 2020 s. -
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2 Mitrovic, Branko.
Guarino Guarini's Architectural Theory and Counter-Reformation Aristotelianism: Visuality and Aeshtetics in Architettura Civile and Placita Philosophica. I Tatti Studies 2020 ;Volum 23.(2) s. 375-386
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3 Mitrovic, Branko.
Materialist Philosophy of History. A Realist Antidote to Postmodernism.. Lexington Books 2020 (ISBN 9781793620026) 259 s.
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4 Mitrovic, Branko.
Daniele Barbaro's Architectural Theory. I: Daniele Barbaro's Vitruvius of 1567. Cham: Springer 2019 ISBN 978-3-030-04042-0. s. xi-xxxviii
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5 Mitrovic, Branko.
The Individualism-Holism Dilemma and the Ideological Framework of Marxism. I: A socialist realist history? Writing art history in the post-war decades. Böhlau 2019 ISBN 978-3-412-51161-6. s. 260-275
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6 Mitrovic, Branko.
Phenomenology, Architecture and the Writing of Architectural History. Journal of Art Historiography 2018 ;Volum 19. s. -
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7 Mitrovic, Branko.
Visuality and Aesthetic Formalism. British Journal of Aesthetics 2018 ;Volum 58.(2) s. 147-163
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8 Mitrovic, Branko.
Is multiple realizability a valid argument against methodological individualism?. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2017 ;Volum 47.(1) s. 28-43
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9 Mitrovic, Branko.
A Panofskyian meditation on free will and the forces of history: is humanist historiography still credible?. Journal of Art Historiography 2016 ;Volum 15. s. -
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10 Mitrovic, Branko.
‘A refutation of (post-) narrativism, or: why postmodernists love Austro-Hungary’: Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen, Postnarrativist philosophy of historiography, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.. Journal of Art Historiography 2016 ;Volum 15. s. -
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11 Mitrovic, Branko.
Collectivist Historiography and its Methodologies. Art History and Socialism(s) after World War II; 2016-10-27 - 2016-10-29
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12 Mitrovic, Branko.
Introduction (Editorial). Journal of Art Historiography 2016 ;Volum 14. s. -
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13 Mitrovic, Branko.
Visuality, intentionality and architecture’: John Searle: Seeing things as they are. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. Journal of Art Historiography 2016 ;Volum 14. s. -
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14 Mitrovic, Branko.
"Without thinkers ... no theories of the world". History and Theory 2016 ;Volum 55.(1) s. 141-153
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15 Mitrovic, Branko.
Andrea Palladio, Invention and Imitation (Keynote Lecture). Entangled Histories, Multiple Geographies; 2015-10-14 - 2015-10-17
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16 Mitrovic, Branko.
Historical understanding and historical interpretation as contextualization. History and Theory 2015 ;Volum 54.(3) s. 311-332
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17 Mitrovic, Branko.
Leon Battista Alberti, Mental Rotation and the Origins of Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH) 2015 ;Volum 74.(3) s. 310-320
NTNU Untitled
18 Mitrovic, Branko.
Rage and Denials. Collectivist Philosophy, Politics and Art Historiography, 1890-1947. Penn State University Press 2015 (ISBN 978-0-271-06678-3) 253 s.
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19 Mitrovic, Branko.
Daniele Barbaro's Exquisitae in Porphirium Commentationes. Daniele Barbaro Workshop; 2014-09-04 - 2014-09-05
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20 Mitrovic, Branko.
Leon Battista Alberti and CAD (Keynote lecture). Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand; 2014-07-02 - 2014-07-05
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21 Mitrovic, Branko.
Opacity and transparency in historical representations. History and Theory 2014 ;Volum 53.(2) s. 277-294
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22 Mitrovic, Branko.
Philosophy and Architecture in Contemporary Architecture Education (Keynote Lecture). Symposium of Society for Philosophy and Architecture; 2014-04-01 - 2014-04-01
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23 Mitrovic, Branko.
‘The Vienna school and Central European art history’: Jan Bakoš, Discourses and strategies: the role of the Vienna School in shaping central European approaches to art history ‡ related discourses. Journal of Art Historiography 2014 ;Volum 11.(11) s. -
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24 Mitrovic, Branko.
A realist theory of art history. Review of: Ian Verstegen, A Realist Theory of Art History (Ontological Explorations. Journal of Art Historiography 2013 ;Volum 9. s. -
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25 Mitrovic, Branko.
Nelson Goodman’s Arguments against Perspective. Nexus Network journal 2013 ;Volum 15. s. 51-62
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26 Mitrovic, Branko.
Romantic Worldview as a Narcissistic Construct. Journal of Art Historiography 2013 ;Volum 9. s. -
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27 Mitrovic, Branko.
Visuality after Gombrich. Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 2013 ;Volum 76. s. 71-89
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28 Mitrovic, Branko.
Visuality for Architects. University of Virginia Press 2013 (ISBN 081393379X) 136 s.
NTNU Untitled
29 Mitrovic, Branko.
Atribution of Concepts and Problems with Anachronism. History and Theory 2011 ;Volum 50. s. 303-327
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30 Mitrovic, Branko.
Philosophy for Architects. Princeton Architectural Press 2011 (ISBN 1568989946) 192 s.
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31 Mitrovic, Branko.
A Defence of Light. Ernst Gombrich, the Innocent Eye and Seeing in Pers. Journal of Art Historiography 2010 ;Volum 3. s. -
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32 Mitrovic, Branko.
Serene Greed of the Eye. Leon Battista Alberti and the Philosophical Foundations of Renaissance Architectural Theory. Deutscher Kunstverlag 2005 (ISBN 3-422-06573-3) 226 s.
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33 Mitrovic, Branko.
Learning from Palladio. W.W. Norton 2004 (ISBN 0393731162) 250 s.
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