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1 Doan, Thanh Pierre; Donate Lagartos, Maria Jose; Nilssen, Eirik Stamland; Ohara, Shinya; Witter, Menno.
Convergent Projections from Perirhinal and Postrhinal Cortices Suggest a Multisensory Nature of Lateral, but Not Medial, Entorhinal Cortex. Cell reports 2019 ;Volum 29.(3) s. 617-627.e7
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2 Doan, Thanh Pierre; Donate Lagartos, Maria Jose; Witter, Menno; Nilssen, Eirik Stamland.
Challenging the concept of parallel parahippocampal input streams to the hippocampus. 11th FENS Forum of Neuroscience; 2018-07-07 - 2018-07-11
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3 Coveñas, Rafael; González-Fuentes, Joaquin; Rivas-Infante, Eloy; Donate Lagartos, Maria Jose; Mangas, Arturo; Geffard, Michel R.; Arroyo-Jiménez, Mónica Muñoz; Cebada-Sánchez, Sandra; Insausti, Ricardo; Marcos, Pilar.
Developmental study of vitamin C distribution in children's brainstems by immunohistochemistry. Annals of Anatomy 2015 ;Volum 201. s. 65-78
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4 Cebada-Sanchez, S; Insausti, R; Gonzalez-Fuentes, J; Arroyo-Jimenez, MM; Rivas-Infante, E; Donate Lagartos, Maria Jose; Martinez-Ruiz, J; Lozano, G.; Marcos, P.
Distribution of peptidergic populations in the human dentate gyrus (Somatostatin [SOM-28, SOM-12] and Neuropeptide Y [NPY]) during postnatal development. Cell and Tissue Research 2014 ;Volum 358.(1) s. 25-41
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5 Covenas, R; Gonzalez-Fuentes, J; Rivas-Infante, E; Donate Lagartos, Maria Jose; Cebada-Sanchez, S; Arroyo-Jimenez, MM; Insausti, R; Marcos, P.
Developmental study of the distribution of hypoxia-induced factor-1 alpha and microtubule-associated protein 2 in children's brainstem: Comparison between controls and cases with signs of perinatal hypoxia. Neuroscience 2014 ;Volum 271. s. 77-98
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