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1 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Hansen, Øyvind J; Puvanendran, Velmurugu.
Genetic parameters for carcass composition of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua after four generations of selective breeding. Aquaculture Europe 2021; 2021-10-04 - 2021-10-07
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2 Kettunen, Anne Helena.
Genetisk framgang og diversitet i avlsprogram for Atlantisk torsk. Sats Marint; 2020-02-05
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3 Kettunen, Anne Helena.
Nå vokser oppdrettstorsken vesentlig bedre. [Internet] 2020-02-05
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4 Kettunen, Anne Helena.
Slaktekvalitet av Atlantisk laks estimert ved hjelp av CT. Havbruk 2020; 2020-06-09 - 2020-06-10
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5 Kettunen, Anne Helena.
Systematisk torskeavl gir rask vekst. Næringsnytte 2020 ;Volume 10. p. 30-30
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6 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Khaw, Hooi Ling; Nielsen, Dennis Brandborg; Hillestad, Borghild; Moghadam, Hooman.
Slaughter quality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar) using computerized tomography. Digital Havbruk 2020; 2020-06-09
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7 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Mørkøre, Turid; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Nielsen, Dennis Brandborg; Mørch, Troels Thorsen; Khaw, Hooi Ling; Moghadam, Hooman; Hillestad, Borghild.
Genetic parameters of slaughter quality traits measured on whole or live Atlantic salmon (CompleteSCAN). Tromsø: Nofima AS 2020 (ISBN 978-82-8296-645-0) 65 p. Nofima rapportserie(28/2020)
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8 Kierkegaard, Line Sass; Groeneveld, Linn Fenna; Kettunen, Anne Helena; Berg, Peer.
The status and need for characterization of Nordic animal genetic resources. Acta agriculturæ Scandinavica. Section A, Animal science 2020 ;Volume 69.(1-2) p. 2-24
9 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Khaw, Hooi Ling; Nielsen, D.B.; Hillestad, Borghild; Moghadam, Hooman.
Slaughter quality of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) using computerized tomography. Aquaculture Europe 2019; 2019-10-07 - 2019-10-10
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10 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Lillehammer, Marie.
Power calculations for optimisation of the experimental design to detect GxE: Salmon experiments in FutureEUAqua. Aquaculture Europe 2019; 2019-10-07 - 2019-10-10
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11 Hanssen, Anders Braarud; Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Nielsen, Hanne Marie; Kettunen, Anne Helena; Olesen, Ingrid.
The unacknowledged uncertainty of biopatenting: a case study of the AquaBounty patent in the European patent system. World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production; 2018-02-07 - 2018-02-16
12 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Olesen, Ingrid.
Responsible use of gene editing in research and innovation: the process to a policy document in Nofima. 4th ELSA Norway Conference; 2018-11-02 - 2018-11-04
13 Kantanen, Juha; Løvendahl, Peter; Strandberg, Erling; Eythorsdottir, Emma; Li, Meng-Hua; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Berg, Peer; Meuwissen, Theodorus.
Utilization of farm animal genetic resources in a changing agroecological environment in the Nordic countries. Frontiers in Genetics 2015 ;Volume 6.
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14 Pertoldi, C.; Kristensen, T. N.; Loeschcke, V.; Berg, P.; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Stronen, A.V.; Proschowsky, H.F.; Fredholm, M..
Characterization of the genetic profile of five Danish dog breeds. Journal of Animal Science 2013 ;Volume 91.(11) p. 5122-5127
15 Janhunen, Matti; Kause, Antti; Mäntysaari, Esa A.; Vehviläinen, Harri; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Järvisalo, Otso; Paananen, Tuija; Koskinen, Heikki.
A novel breeding design to produce genetically protected homogenous fish populations for on‐growing. Aquaculture Research 2012 ;Volume 44.(12)
16 Præbel, Kim; Christiansen, Jørgen S.; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Fevolden, Svein-Erik.
Thermohaline tolerance and embryonic development in capelin eggs (Mallotus villosus) from the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Environmental Biology of Fishes 2012
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17 Bangera, Rama; Ødegård, Jørgen; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Mortensen, Atle; Nielsen, Hanne Marie.
Genetic correlations between growth rate and resistance to vibriosis and viral nervous necrosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Aquaculture 2011 ;Volume 317.(1-4) p. 67-73
18 Ødegård, Jørgen; Sommer, Ann Inger; Kettunen, anne helena.
Heritability of resistance to viral nervous necrosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L). Aquaculture 2010 ;Volume 300.(1-4) p. 59-64
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19 Delghandi, Madjid; Stenvik, Jørgen; Moen, Thomas; Wesmajervi, Mette Serine; Westgård, J. I.; Fjalestad, K.T.; Kettunen, Anne; Nilsen, F..
Development and characterisation of microsatellite and single nucleotide polymorphism markers in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Aquaculture 2007 ;Volume 272. Suppl. 1 p. 250-
20 Kettunen, Anne; Fjalestad, Kjersti Turid.
Genetic parameters for important traits in the breeding program for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Aquaculture 2007 ;Volume 272. Suppl. 1 p. S276-
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21 Kettunen, Anne; Kauric, Goran; Peruzzi, Stefano.
Induction of tirploidy in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) by thermal shocks. Aquaculture 2007 ;Volume 272. p. S267-
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22 Kettunen, Anne; Westgaard, Jon Ivar; Peruzzi, Stefano; Fevolden, Svein-Erik.
Genetic parameters for post-stress cortisol activity and vibriosis resistance in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L). Aquaculture 2007 ;Volume 272. p. S275-S276
NOFIMA UiT Untitled
23 Peruzzi, Stefano; Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Primicerio, Raul; Kauric, Goran.
Thermal shock induction of triploidy in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Aquaculture Research 2007 ;Volume 38. p. 926-932
24 Præbel, Anne Kettunen; Serenius, T.; Fjalestad, Kjersti Turid.
Three statistical approaches for genetic analysis of disease resistance to vibriosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). Journal of Animal Science 2007 ;Volume 85. p. 305-313
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25 Kettunen, Anne; Fjalestad, Kjersti T..
Resistance to vibriosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.): First challenge test results. Aquaculture 2006 ;Volume 258. p. 263-269
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26 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Kauric, G.; Peruzzi, Stefano.
Induction of triploidy in Atlantic cod (Gadhus morhua) by cold shocks. Aquaculture Europe 2004. Biotechnologies for quality; 2004-10-20 - 2004-10-23
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27 Aasmo Finne, Merethe; Fjalestad, Kjersti Turid; Delghandi, Madjid; Hansen, Øyvind J; Haug, Lise; Kettunen, Anne; Skajaa, Katrine; Wesmajervi, Mette Serine; Mortensen, Atle.
Developing a genetic improvement programme in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.). In: Extended Abstracts and Short Communications for Aquaculture Europe ’04: Biotechnologies for quality. European Aquaculture Society Special Publication No. 34:87-88.; 2004-10-20 - 2004-10-23
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28 Kettunen, Anne; Delghandi, Madjid; Aasmo Finne, Merethe; Hansen, Øyvind J; Haug, Lise; Mortensen, Atle; Skajaa, Katrine; Wesmajervi, Mette Serine; Fjalestad, Kjersti Turid.
Genetic variation in resistance against vibriosis in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). In: Book of Abstracts of ICES Symposium Gadoid Mariculture: Development and Future Challenges; 2004-06-13 - 2004-06-16
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29 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Mäntysaari, Esa A.; Pösö, Jukka.
Estimation of genetic parameters for daily milk yield of primiparous Ayrshire cows by random regression test-day models. Livestock Production Science 2000 ;Volume 66.(3) p. 251-261
30 Lidauer, M.; Strandén, I.; Mäntysaari, Esa A.; Pösö, Jukka; Kettunen, Anne Helena.
Solving Large Test-Day Models by Iteration on Data and Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient. Journal of Dairy Science (JDS) 1999 ;Volume 82.(12) p. 2788-2796
31 Kettunen, Anne Helena; Mäntysaari, Esa A..
Estimation of genetic parameters for test-day milk production at different stages of lactation of Finnish Ayrshire heifers. Agricultural and Food Science 1996 ;Volume 5.(2) p. 185-192