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1 Opedal, Øystein Hjorthol; Falahati Anbaran, Mosen; Albertsen, Elena; Armbruster, William Scott; Perez-Barrales, Rocio; Stenøien, Hans K.; Pelabon, Christophe.
Euglossine bees mediate only limited long-distance gene flow in a tropical vine. New Phytologist 2017 ;Volum 213.(4) s. 1898-1908
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2 Albertsen, Elena; Pelabon, Christophe; Le Rouzic, Arnaud; Firmat, Cyril; Hansen, Thomas F; Bolstad, Geir Hysing; Armbruster, Scott.
Can we predict direct and correlated response to selection beyond the first generation?. SCEE conference; 2016-07-07 - 2016-07-11
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3 Opedal, Øystein Hjorthol; Albertsen, Elena; Armbruster, William Scott; Perez-Barrales, Roccio; Falahati-Anbaran, Mohsen; Pelabon, Christophe.
Evolutionary consequences of ecological factors: pollinator reliability predicts mating-system traits of a perennial plant. Ecology Letters 2016 ;Volum 19.(12) s. 1486-1495
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4 Opedal, Øystein Hjorthol; Listemann, Jens; Albertsen, Elena; Armbruster, William Scott; Pelabon, Christophe.
Multiple effects of drought on pollination and mating-system traits in Dalechampia scandens. International journal of plant sciences 2016 ;Volum 177|.(8) s. 682-693
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5 Pelabon, Christophe; Hennet, Lauriane; Bolstad, Geir Hysing; Albertsen, Elena; Opedal, Øystein Hjorthol; Ekrem, Runa K; Armbruster, William Scott.
Does stronger pollen competition improve offspring fitness when pollen load does not vary?. American Journal of Botany 2016 ;Volum 103.(3) s. 522-531
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6 Pelabon, Christophe; Albertsen, Elena; Falahati-Anbaran, Mohsen; Wright, Jonathan; Armbruster, William Scott.
Does multiple paternity affect seed mass in angiosperms? An experimental test in Dalechampia scandens. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2015 ;Volum 28.(9) s. 1719-1733
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7 Albertsen, Elena; Harper, Karen; De Fields, Danielle.
Structure and Composition of Tree Islands and Krummholz within the Forest-Tundra Ecotone in Central and Eastern Canada. Arctic 2014 ;Volum 67.(3) s. 396-404
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