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1 Solstad, Runar Gjerp; Descomps, Alexandre; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Karstad, Rasmus Tørnes; Vang, Birthe; Dragøy, Ragnhild.
First observation of seasonal variations in the meat and co-products of the snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the Barents Sea. Scientific Reports 2021 ;Volume 11.
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2 Veiseth-Kent, Eva; Øvrum Gaarder, Mari; Pierre Descomps, Alexandre; Lindberg, Diana.
Inclusion of protein hydrolysates from deboned chicken residues in cooked sausages – effects on technological and sensory quality. 65th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology; 2019-08-04 - 2019-08-09
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3 Pierre Descomps, Alexandre.
Nofima Peptek. 48th Conference of the West European Fish Technologists Association – WEFTA; 2018-10-15 - 2018-10-18
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4 Os, Vibeke; Pierre Descomps, Alexandre.
Fullførte kjemisk syntese som startet for 20 år siden. [Internet] 2015-07-17
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5 Descomps, Alexandre; Carlson, Rolf.
Deprotection of acetals from unsaturated, unstable bromoketones.. Synthetic Communications 2014 ;Volume 44.(6) p. 757-761
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6 Carlsson, Rolf Eric; Simonsen, Geir; Descomps, Alexandre; Carlson, John E.
Identification of Important Experimental Variables in Organic Synthetic Procedures by Near-Orthogonal Experiments. Organic Process Research & Development 2012 ;Volume 16.(8) p. 1371-1377
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7 Carlson, Rolf Eric; Descomps, Alexandre; Mekonnen, Alemayehu Yirsaw; Westerlund, Andreas; Havelkova, Martina.
IMPROVED SYNTHESIS OF 1-BROMO-3-BUTEN-2-ONE. Synthetic Communications 2011 ;Volume 41.(19) p. 2939-2945
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8 Carlson, Rolf Eric; Simonsen, Geir; Descomps, Alexandre; Carlson, JE.
Orthogonal Experiments in the Development of Organic Synthetic Processes. Organic Process Research & Development 2009 ;Volume 13.(4) p. 798-803
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9 Mekonnen, Alemayehu Yirsaw; Westerlund, A; Havelkova, Martina; Descomps, Alexandre; Carlson, Rolf Eric.
Synthesis of 1-Bromo-3-butyn-2-one and 1,3-Dibromo-3-buten-2-one. Synthetic Communications 2009 ;Volume 39.(14) p. 2472-2480
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