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1 Reia da Costa, Elisabete; Kubowicz, Stephan; Gaarder, Rune Harald; Grytten, Frode; Bakke, Inge.
Effect of peel ply surface treatment on adhesive bonding of polyester and vinyl ester composites used in the maritime industry. AB2019; 2019-07-11 - 2019-07-12
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2 Chehura, E.; Jarzebinska, R.; Reia da Costa, Elisabete; Skordos, A. A.; James, S. W.; Partridge, I. K.; Tatam, R. P..
Multiplexed fibre optic sensors for monitoring resin infusion, flow and cure in composite material processing. Smart Structures/NDE; 2013-03-10 - 2013-03-14
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3 Reia da Costa, Elisabete Fernandes; Skordos, A.A..
Modelling flow and filtration in liquid composite moulding of nanoparticle loaded thermosets. Composites Science And Technology 2012 ;Volum 72.(7) s. 799-805
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4 Reia da Costa, Elisabete Fernandes; Skordos, A.A.; Partridge, I. K.; Rezai, A..
RTM processing and electrical performance of carbon nanotube modified epoxy/fibre composites. Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing 2012 ;Volum 43.(4) s. 593-602
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5 Reia da Costa, Elisabete; Skordos, A. A..
Liquid Moulding of carbon nanoparticle filled composites. England: Cranfield University 2011 183 s.
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6 Reia da Costa, Elisabete Fernandes; Skordos, A.A.; Partridge, I. K..
Flow and Filtration Modelling of Carbon Nanoparticle Loaded Thermosets in Liquid Moulding. 10th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials; 2010-07-11 - 2010-07-15
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7 Reia da Costa, Elisabete Fernandes; Skordos, A.A.; Partridge, I. K.; Rezai, A..
Flow of Carbon Nanoparticle Loaded Epoxy Resin in Liquid Molding. 17th International Conference on Composite Materials; 2009-07-27 - 2009-07-31
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8 Reia da Costa, Elisabete; Cartié, D. D. R.; Skordos, A. A.; Partridge, I. K..
Investigation of flow process in resin transfer moulding of nanomodified matrix composites. Cambridge CNT Symposium; 2008-12-07 - 2008-12-07
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9 Reia da Costa, Elisabete; Colaço, R.; Correia Diogo, A..
Bitumen Morphology as Observed by Phase-Detection Atomic Force Microscopy. Materials Science Forum 2008 s. -587
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10 Reia da Costa, Elisabete; Pestana, M.; Xarepe, J.; Correia Diogo, A..
Usefulness of gas pycnometry as a complementary technique in cork evaluation. Materiais 2007; 2007-04-01 - 2007-04-04
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