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1 Kanter, Benjamin Richard; Lykken, Christine Marie; Avesar, Daniel; Weible, Aldis; Dickinson, Jasmine; Dunn, Benjamin Adric; Zuiderveen Borgesius, Cornelis Herman; Roudi, Yasser; Kentros, Clifford.
A Novel Mechanism for the Grid-to-Place Cell Transformation Revealed by Transgenic Depolarization of Medial Entorhinal Cortex Layer II. Neuron 2017 ;Volum 93.(6) s. 1480-1492.e6
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2 Tomorsky, Johanna; DeBlander, Leah; Kentros, Clifford; Doe, Chris Q; Niell, Cristopher M.
TU-tagging: A method for identifying layer-enriched neuronal genes in developing mouse visual cortex. eNeuro 2017 ;Volum 4.(5)
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3 Aikath, D; Weible, AP; Rowland, David Clayton; Kentros, Clifford.
Role of self-generated odor cues in contextual representation. Hippocampus 2014 ;Volum 24.(8) s. 1039-1051
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4 Kentros, Clifford; Whitlock, Jonathan; Roudi, Yasser.
A village of neuroscientists. [Internett] 2014-12-07
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5 Lykken, Christine; Kentros, Clifford.
Beyond the bolus: Transgenic tools for investigating the neurophysiology of learning and memory. Learning & memory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) 2014 ;Volum 21.(10) s. 506-518
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6 Moser, Edvard Ingjald; Roudi, Yasser; Witter, Menno; Kentros, Clifford; Bonhoeffer, Tobias; Moser, May-Britt.
Grid cells and cortical representation. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2014 ;Volum 15.(7) s. 466-481
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7 Moser, May-Britt; Kentros, Clifford.
Vil løyse Alzheimer-gåta med norsk forsking. NRK [Internett] 2014-10-16
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8 Rowland, David Clayton; Skytøen, Emilie R; Kentros, Clifford; Moser, May-Britt; Moser, Edvard Ingjald.
Towards a functional identification of stellate cells in medial entorhinal cortex layer II. Society for Neuroscience; 2014-11-15 - 2014-11-19
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9 Weible, AP; Moore, AK; Liu, C; DeBlander, L; Wu, H; Kentros, Clifford; Wehr, M.
Perceptual gap detection is mediated by gap termination responses in auditory cortex. Current Biology 2014 ;Volum 24.(13) s. 1447-1455
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10 Rowland, David Clayton; Weible, AP; Wickersham, IR; Wu, HY; Mayford, M; Witter, Menno; Kentros, Clifford.
Transgenically Targeted Rabies Virus Demonstrates a Major Monosynaptic Projection from Hippocampal Area CA2 to Medial Entorhinal Layer II Neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 2013 ;Volum 33.(37) s. 14889-14898
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