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1 Knutsen, Anna Nina; Lawson, John M; Dawson, J R; Worth, Nicholas.
A laser sheet self-calibration method for scanning PIV. Experiments in Fluids 2017 ;Volum 58.(10)
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2 Mistry, Dhiren; Hanssen-Bauer, Øyvind Waage; Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, J R.
Near-field response of an axisymmetric jet to transverse acoustic forcing. 16th European Turbulence Conference; 2017-07-21 - 2017-07-24
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3 Nygård, Håkon Tormodsen; Mazur, Marek; Dawson, J R; Worth, Nicholas.
Azimuthally spinning wave modes and heat release in an annu- lar combustor. DFD17 Meeting of The American Physical Society; 2017-11-19 - 2017-11-21
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4 Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, J R.
Effect of equivalence ratio on the modal dynamics of azimuthal combustion instabilities. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2017 ;Volum 36.(3) s. 3743-3751
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5 Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, J R; Sidey, Jenni Am; Mastorakos, Epaminondas.
Azimuthally forced flames in an annular combustor. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2017 ;Volum 36.(3) s. 3783-3790
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6 Mistry, Dhiren; Dawson, J R.
The turbulent/non-turbulent interface in the near-field region of a round jet. 18th International Symposium on Application of Laser Techniques to Fluid; 2016-07-04 - 2016-07-07
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7 Mistry, Dhiren Vinodkumar; Philip, Jimmy; Dawson, J R; Marusic, Ivan.
Entrainment at multi-scales across the turbulent/non-turbulent interface in an axisymmetric jet. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2016 ;Volum 802. s. 690-725
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8 Bauerheim, M.; Staffelbach, G.; Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, J R; Gicquel, L.Y.M.; Poinsot, T..
Sensitivity of LES-based harmonic flame response model for turbulent swirled flames and impact on the stability of azimuthal modes. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2015 ;Volum 35.(3) s. 3355-3363
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9 Dawson, J R; Worth, Nicholas.
The effect of baffles on self-excited azimuthal modes in an annular combustor. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2015 ;Volum 35.(3) s. 3283-3290
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10 Lawson, J.M.; Dawson, J R.
On velocity gradient dynamics and turbulent structure. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2015 ;Volum 780. s. 60-98
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11 Dawson, James; Worth, Nicholas.
Flame dynamics and unsteady heat release rate of self-excited azimuthal modes in an annular combustor.. Combustion and Flame 2014 ;Volum 161.(10) s. 2565-2578
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12 Lawson, J.M.; Dawson, J R.
A scanning PIV method for fine scale turbulence measurements. Experiments in Fluids 2014 ;Volum 55.(12) s. -
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13 Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, James.
Modal dynamics of self-excited azimuthal instabilities in an annular combustion chamber. Combustion and Flame 2013 ;Volum 160.(11) s. 2476-2489
14 Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, James.
Self-excited circumferential instabilities in a model annular gas turbine combustor: global flame dynamics. Symposium, International, on combustion 2013 ;Volum 34.(2) s. 3127-3134
15 Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, James.
Tomographic reconstruction of OH* chemiluminescence in two interacting turbulent flames. Measurement science and technology 2013 ;Volum 24.(2)
16 Cardesa, J. I.; Mistry, D.; Gan, L.; Dawson, James.
Invariants of the reduced velocity gradient tensor in turbulent flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2013 ;Volum 716. s. 597-615
17 Lawson, J.M.; Dawson, James.
The formation of turbulent vortex rings by synthetic jets. Physics of fluids 2013 ;Volum 25.(10) s. 5113-1-5113-25
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18 Aydemir, E.; Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, James.
The formation of vortex rings in a strongly forced round jet. Experiments in Fluids 2012 ;Volum 52.(3) s. 729-742
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19 Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, James.
Cinematographic OH-PLIF measurements of two interacting turbulent premixed flames with and without acoustic forcing. Combustion and Flame 2012 ;Volum 159.(3) s. 1109-1126
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20 Cardesa-Duenas, J. I.; Nickels, T. B.; Dawson, James.
2D PIV measurements in the near field of grid turbulence using stitched fields from multiple cameras. Experiments in Fluids 2012 ;Volum 52.(6) s. 1611-1627
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21 Gan, L.; Dawson, James; Nickels, T. B..
On the drag of turbulent vortex rings. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2012 ;Volum 709. s. 85-105
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22 Kariuki, James; Dawson, James; Mastorakos, Epaminondas.
Measurements in turbulent premixed bluff body flames close to blow-off. Combustion and Flame 2012 ;Volum 159.(8) s. 2589-2607
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23 Dawson, James; Gordon, R. L.; Kariuki, James; Mastorakos, Epaminondas; Masri, A. R.; Juddoo, M..
Visualization of blow-off events in bluff-body stabilized turbulent premixed flames. Symposium, International, on combustion 2011 ;Volum 3.(1) s. 1559-1566
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24 Gan, L.; Nickels, T. B.; Dawson, James.
An experimental study of a turbulent vortex ring: a three-dimensional representation. Experiments in Fluids 2011 ;Volum 51.(6) s. 1493-1507
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