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1 Fleurian, Basile de; Langebroek, Petra; Davy, Richard.
The meltwater feedbacks on ice dynamics, influence of melt amplitude, duration and extent.. vEGU 2021; 2021-04-26 - 2021-04-30
2 Latonin, Mikhail M.; Bashmachnikov, Igor L.; Bobylev, Leonid P.; Davy, Richard.
Multi-model ensemble mean of global climate models fails to reproduce early twentieth century Arctic warming. Polar Science 2021 s. -
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3 Pozdnyakov, Dmitry; Gnatiuk, Natalia; Davy, Richard; Bobylev, Leonid.
The Phenomenon Of Emiliania Huxleyi In Aspects Of Global Climate And The Ecology Of The World Ocean. Geography, Environment, Sustainability 2021 ;Volum 14.(2) s. 50-62
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4 Davy, Richard.
How well does CMIP6 capture the Arctic and what does it tell us about the future? . Bjerknes Annual Meeting, Bergen; 2020-09-15
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5 Davy, Richard.
The Arctic surface climate in CMIP6. Seminar; 2020-09-21
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6 Davy, Richard; Outten, Stephen.
The Arctic Surface Climate in CMIP6: Status and Developments since CMIP5. Journal of Climate 2020 ;Volum 33.(18) s. 8047-8068
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7 Gnatiuk, Natiala; Radchenko, Iuliia; Davy, Richard; Morozov, Evgeny; Bobylev, Leonid.
Simulation of factors affecting Emiliania huxleyi blooms in Arctic and sub-Arctic seas by CMIP5 climate models: model validation and selection.. Biogeosciences 2020 ;Volum 17.(4)
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8 Johannessen, Ola M; Sandven, Stein; Davy, Richard; Olason, Einar.
Marginal Ice Zone and Ice-Air-Ocean Interactions. I: Sea Ice in the Arctic, Past, Present and Future. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-21300-8. s. 57-92
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9 Outten, Stephen; Davy, Richard; Chen, Linling.
Eurasian Cooling Patterns in the CMIP5 Climate Models. Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics 2019 s. -
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10 Pettersson, Lasse H; Gnaituk, Natalia; Davy, Richard.
The international interdisciplinary PhD and Post-Doc research school - Observing and Modelling the Arctic Environment - Climate processes, prediction and projection - Daily student blog and Program. Bergen: Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 2019 18 s. NERSC Special Report(101)
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11 Davy, Richard.
The Climatology of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer in Contemporary Global Climate Models. Journal of Climate 2018 ;Volum 31.(22) s. 9151-9173
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12 Davy, Richard; Chen, Linling; Hanna, Edward.
Arctic amplification metrics. International Journal of Climatology 2018 ;Volum 38.(12) s. 4384-4394
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13 Esau, Igor; Davy, Richard; Smedsrud, Lars H.; Fer, Ilker; Reuder, Joachim; Kumer, Valery; Lauvseth, S.; Olsen, Are; Eldevik, Tor; Hezel, Paul; Onarheim, Ingrid Husøy; Peterson, Algot Kristoffer; Nummelin, Aleksi; Kral, Stephan; Omar, Abdirahman; Ilicak, Mehmet; Skjelvan, Ingunn; Ibanez, Maribel Garcia.
BASIC:-Boundary Layers in the Arctic Atmosphere, Seas and Ice Dynamics - SKD Strategic Project January 2015 – December 2017. Bergen: Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 2018 NERSC Technical Report(388)
14 Varentsov, Mikhail; Konstantinov, Pavel; Baklanov, Alexander; Esau, Igor; Miles, Victoria; Davy, Richard.
Anthropogenic and natural drivers of a strong winter urban heat island in a typical Arctic city. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2018 ;Volum 18.(23) s. 17573-17587
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15 Varentsov, Mikhail; Konstantinov, Pavel; Baklanov, Alexander; Esau, Igor; Miles, Victoria; Davy, Richard.
Anthropogenic heating strongly amplifies the urban heat island in Arctic cities. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2018 ;Volum 18. s. 17573-17587
NERSC Untitled
16 Yano, Jun-ichi; Ziemianski, Michal; Cullen, M; Termonia, Piet; Onvlee, Jeanette; Bengtsson, L.; Carrassi, Alberto; Davy, Richard; Deluca, Anna; Gray, S.L.; Homar, Victor; Kohler, Martin; Krichak, Simon; Michaelides, Silas; Phillips, Vaughan; Soares, Pedro M.M.; Wyszogrodzki, Andrzej.
Scientific challenges of convective-scale numerical weather prediction. Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS) 2018 ;Volum 99.(4) s. 699-710
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17 Yurova, Alla Yu.; Bobylev, Leonid; Zhu, Yali; Davy, Richard; Korzhikov, Alexander Ya.
Atmospheric heat advection in the Kara Sea region under main synoptic processes. International Journal of Climatology 2018 ;Volum 39.(1)
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18 Boero, Ferdinando; Foglini, S.; Frachetti, P.; Goriup, E.; Macpherson, S.; Planes, T.; Soukissian, Takvor; Pettersson, Lasse H; Davy, Richard; Korosov, Anton; Sandven, Stein.
CoCoNet: Towards Coast to Coast Networks of Marine Protected Areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with Sea-Based Wind Energy Potential.. SCIRES-IT SCIentific RESearch and Information Technology 2017 ;Volum 6. Suppl. 1 s. 1-95
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19 Chernokulsky, Alexander; Esau, Igor; Bulygina, Olga N; Davy, Richard; Mokhov, Igor I.; Outten, Stephen; Semenov, Vladimir A..
Climatology and interannual variability of cloudiness in the Atlantic Arctic from surface observations since the late nineteenth century. Journal of Climate 2017 ;Volum 30.(6) s. 2103-2120
NERSC Untitled
20 Davy, Richard; Gnatiuk, Natalia; Pettersson, Lasse H; Bobylev, Leonid.
Climate change impacts on wind energy potential in the European domain with a focus on the Black Sea. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 2017 ;Volum 81.(2) s. 1652-1659
NERSC Untitled
21 Esau, Igor; Miles, Victoria; Davy, Richard.
Land surface temperature for urban heat island studies in the Arctic. 1st CRUCIAL Workshop; 2017-02-06 - 2017-02-09
NERSC UiB Untitled
22 Thorne, Peter; Madonna, Fabio; Schulz, Jörg Bernhard; Oakley, Tim; Ingleby, Bruce; Rosoldi, Marco; Tramutola, Emanuele; Arola, Antti; Buschmann, Matthias; Mikalsen, Anna Christina; Davy, Richard; Voces, Corinne; Kreher, Karin; De Mazière, Martine; Pappalardo, Gelsomina.
Making better sense of the mosaic of environmental measurement networks: a system-of-systems approach and quantitative assessment. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems 2017 ;Volum 6.(2) s. 453-472
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23 Davy, Richard.
Natten varmes raskere enn dagen. Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research [Internett] 2016-03-10
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24 Davy, Richard.
Nattetemperaturen påvirkes mest av global oppvarming. Tønsberg Blad [Avis] 2016-03-11
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25 Davy, Richard.
Night Sweats. Natural History [Tidsskrift] 2016-05-01
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26 Davy, Richard.
Night sweets. Natural History Magazine, US [Tidsskrift] 2016-06-20
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27 Davy, Richard.
Nights are getting hotter: Scientist discover temperatures during the hours of darkness are rising faster than in the daytime.. Daily Mail - Mail online [Internett] 2016-03-11
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28 Davy, Richard.
Når nettene blir varme. Avisa Nordland [Avis] 2016-03-10
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29 Davy, Richard.
Remember when nights were cool? Here's why they are getting increasingly warmer. India Times [Internett] 2016-03-14
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30 Davy, Richard.
Understanding why nights are getting warmer faster than days.. Bjerknes Center for Climate Research [Internett] 2016-03-10
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31 Davy, Richard.
World's hottest nights and highest minimum temperature measured in 2016. Before It's News [Internett] 2016-11-26
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32 Davy, Richard; Chernokulsky, A; Outten, Stephen; Esau, Igor; Zilitinkevich, Sergej.
Diurnal asymmetry to the observed global warming. International Journal of Climatology 2016 ;Volum 37.(1) s. 79-93
NERSC Untitled
33 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Differences in the efficacy of climate forcings explained by variations in atmospheric boundary layer depth. Nature Communications 2016 ;Volum 7.
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34 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Hvorfor noen klimaprosesser er mer effektive for oppvarming enn andre.. Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research [Internett] 2016-05-25
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35 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Surface air temperature changes in the high-latitude boundary layer. Report Series in Aerosol Science 2016 ;Volum 180. s. 123-127
NERSC Untitled
36 Esau, Igor; Miles, Victoria; Davy, Richard; Miles, Martin W.; Kurchatova, Anna.
Trends in the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) associated with urban development of Northern West Siberia. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2016 ;Volum 16.(15) s. 9563-9577
37 Johannessen, Ola M; Pettersson, Lasse H; Esau, Igor; Gao, Yongqi; Outten, Stephen; Davy, Richard; Meleshko, Valentin P.; Bobylev, Leonid.
Climate variability and change in the Eurasian Arctic in the 21st Century (NORUSS-CLIMARC). : Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 2016 NERSC Special Report(95)
NERSC Untitled
38 Thorne, Peter; Donat, M; Dunn, R J H; Willliams, C.N.; Alexander, L. V.; Caesar, J; Durre, I.; Harris, I.; Hausfather, Z; Jones, P. D.; Menne, M. J.; Rohde, Rick; Vose, R. S.; Davy, Richard; Klein-Tank, A. M. G.; Lawrimore, J. H.; Peterson, T. C.; Rennie, J. J..
Reassessing changes in Diurnal Temperature Range: Intercomparison and evaluation of existing global dataset estimates.. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres 2016 ;Volum 121.(10) s. 5138-5158
NERSC Untitled
39 Thorne, Peter; Menne, M. J.; Willliams, C.N.; Rennie, J. J.; Lawrimore, J. H.; Vose, R. S.; Peterson, T. C.; Durre, I.; Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor; Klein-Tank, A. M. G.; Merlone, A.
Reassessing changes in Diurnal Temperature Range: A new dataset and characterization of data biases.. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres 2016 ;Volum 121.(10) s. 5115-5137
NERSC Untitled
40 Thorne, Peter; Menne, Matthew J.; Williams, Claude N.; Rennie, Jared J.; Lawrimore, Jay H.; Vose, Russell S.; Peterson, Thomas C.; Durre, Imke; Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor; Klein-Tank, Albert M.G.; Merlone, Andrea.
Reassessing changes in diurnal temperature range: A new data set and characterization of data biases. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres 2016 ;Volum 121.(10) s. 5115-5137
NERSC Untitled
41 Davy, Richard.
Climate models underestimate temperature variability. Environmental Research web [Internett] 2015-03-03
NERSC Untitled
42 Davy, Richard; Outten, Stephen; Chen, Linling; Esau, Igor.
Re-visiting our understanding of surface temperature response to climate forcing. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; 2015-12-14 - 2015-12-18
NERSC UiB Untitled
43 Esau, Igor; Davy, Richard.
The climate role of shallow stably stratified atmospheric boundary layers. I: Proceedings of the 1st Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Conference and the 5th PEEX Meeting. Report Series in Aerosol Science No. 163 (2015). Helsinki: Finnish Association for Aerosol Research FAAR 2015 ISBN 0000000000. s. 151-154
NERSC Untitled
44 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Biases in Global Climate Models due to PBL Parameterization. 21st Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence; 2014-06-09 - 2014-06-13
NERSC Untitled
45 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Biases in the surface climatology from Global Climate Models due to the representation of the Planetary Boundary Layer. European Geophysical Union Annual Assembly; 2014-04-27 - 2014-05-02
NERSC Untitled
46 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Climate models' bias in surface temperature trends and variability due to treatment of boundary layer. World weather open science confence 2014; 2014-08-16 - 2014-08-21
NERSC Untitled
47 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Global climate models' bias in surface temperature trends and variability. Environmental Research Letters 2014 ;Volum 9.(11)
NERSC Untitled
48 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Planetary boundary layer depth in Global climate models induced biases in surface climatology. Princeton: Arxiv 2014 23 s.
NERSC Untitled
49 Davy, Richard; Esau, Igor.
Surface air temperature variability in global climate models. Atmospheric Science Letters 2014 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 13-20
NERSC Untitled
50 Esau, Igor; Davy, Richard.
Planetary boundary layer dept as an essential climate variable, Atmosphere-hydrosphere interaction in the Baltic Basin and Arctic Seas. International Workshop; 2014-09-15 - 2014-09-16
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