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1 Newrkla, Katharina; Shiddiqi, Hasbi Ash; Jerkins, Annie; Keers, Henk; Ottemöller, Lars.
Implications of 3D Seismic Raytracing on Focal Mechanism Determination. Bulletin of The Seismological Society of America (BSSA) 2019 (109 (6)) s. 2746-2754
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2 Demuth, Andrea; Ottemöller, Lars; Keers, Henk.
QLg wave tomography beneath Norway. Journal of Seismology 2018 s. 1-14
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3 Moghaddam, Peyman Poor; Khajavi, Reza; Keers, Henk.
Travel time computations using a compact eikonal equation for vertical transverse isotropic media. Geophysical Prospecting 2018 ;Volum 66.(8) s. 1475-1484
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4 Sarajaervi, Martin; Keers, Henk.
Computation of ray-Born seismograms using isochrons. Geophysics 2018 ;Volum 83.(5) s. T245-T256
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5 Keers, Henk; Salvanes, Anne Gro Vea; Grytnes, John-Arvid; Waagbø, Rune.
How technologies motivate and enhance student learning. Lund University Open Access 2017 (ISBN 978-1-906642-79-2) 6 s.
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6 Minakov, Alexander; Keers, Henk; Kolyukhin, Dmitriy; Tengesdal, Hans Christian.
Acoustic waveform inversion for ocean turbulence. Journal of Physical Oceanography 2017 ;Volum 47.(6) s. 1473-1491
UiB UiO Untitled
7 Cristiano, Luigia; Meier, Thomas; Krüger, Frank; Keers, Henk; Weidle, Christian.
Teleseismic P-wave polarization analysis at the Gräfenberg array. Geophysical Journal International 2016 ;Volum 207.(3) s. 1456-1471
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8 Demuth, Andrea; Ottemöller, Lars; Keers, Henk.
Ambient noise levels and detection threshold in Norway. Journal of Seismology 2016 ;Volum 20. s. 889-904
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9 Keers, Henk; Rondenay, Stéphane; Harlap, Yael; Nordmo, Ivar.
Teaching Computational Geophysics Classes using Active Learning Techniques. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; 2016-12-16
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10 Atakan, Kuvvet; Bjerrum, Louise Wedderkopp; Bungum, Hilmar; Dehls, John F.; Kaynia, Amir M.; Keers, Henk; Kierulf, Halfdan P.; Kværna, Tormod; Langeland, Tor; Lindholm, Conrad; Maupin, Valerie; Ottemöller, Lars; Sørensen, Mathilde B.; Yuen, Mo Yan.
The European plate observing system and the Arctic. Arctic 2015 ;Volum 68.(5) Suppl. 1 s. 1-7
11 Mikhalevsky, Peter N.; Sagen, Hanne; Worcester, Peter Francis; Baggeroer, Arthur B.; Orcutt, John; Moore, Sue E.; Lee, Craig M.; Vigness-Raposa, Kathleen J.; Freitag, Lee; Arrott, Matthew; Atakan, Kuvvet; Beszczynska-Möller, Agnieszka; Duda, Timothy F.; Dushaw, Brian D.; Gascard, Jean Claude; Gavrilov, Alexander N.; Keers, Henk; Morozov, Andrey K.; Munk, Walter H.; Rixen, Michel; Sandven, Stein; Skarsoulis, Emmanuel; Stafford, Kathleen M.; Vernon, Frank; Yuen, Mo Yan.
Multipurpose Acoustic Networks in the Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System. Arctic 2015 ;Volum 68.(5) s. 1-17
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12 Minakov, Alexander; Kolyukhin, Dmitriy; Keers, Henk.
Imaging of 3D Ocean Turbulence Microstructure Using Low Frequency Acoustic Waves. EGU General Assembly 2015; 2015-04-15
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13 Cristiano, Luigia; Minakov, Alexander; Keers, Henk; Meier, Thomas.
Observation and modelling of P-wave polarization for teleseismic events. EGU General Assembly 2014; 2014-04-27 - 2014-05-02
UiB UiO Untitled
14 Keers, Henk; Rondenay, Stéphane; Harlap, Yael; Nordmo, Ivar.
Resources for computational geophysics courses. EOS 2014 ;Volum 95.(37) s. 335-336
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15 Tengesdal, Hans Christian; Minakov, Alexander; Keers, Henk.
Hybrid ray-Born and finite difference full waveform inversion. EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2014
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16 Libak, Audun; Moghaddam, Peyman Poor; Minakov, Alexander; Ruud, Bent Ole; Keers, Henk; Mjelde, Rolf.
Seismic waveform inversion and imaging of deepwater glacial sedimentary fans in the northern Norwegian-Greenland Sea. EGU General Assembly; 2013-04-07 - 2013-04-12
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17 Minakov, Alexander; Tengesdal, Hans Christian; Keers, Henk.
Ray-Born modeling in acoustic and elastic media. EGU General Assembly; 2013-04-07 - 2013-04-12
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18 Moghaddam, Peyman Poor; Keers, Henk; Herrmann, Felix J.; Mulder, Wim A..
A new optimization approach for source-encoding full-waveform inversion. Geophysics 2013 ;Volum 78.(3) s. R125-R132
UiB Untitled
19 Hope, Gaute; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Ottemoller, Lars; Keers, Henk.
Experience from studying microseismicity from drifting sea ice at the Gakkel ridge. Nordic Seminar; 2012-10-24 - 2012-10-26
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20 Libak, Audun; Eide, Christian Haug; Mjelde, Rolf; Keers, Henk; Flüh, Ernst.
From pull-apart basins to ultraslow spreading: Results from the western Barents Sea Margin. Tectonophysics 2012 ;Volum 514. s. 44-61
UiB Untitled
21 Libak, Audun; Mjelde, Rolf; Keers, Henk; Faleide, Jan Inge; Murai, Yoshio.
An integrated geophysical study of Vestbakken Volcanic Province, western Barents Sea continental margin, and adjacent oceanic crust. Marine Geophysical Researches 2012 ;Volum 33.(2) s. 185-207
UiB UiO Untitled
22 Minakov, Alexander; Mjelde, Rolf; Faleide, Jan Inge; Flueh, Ernst R.; Dannowski, Anke; Keers, Henk.
Mafic intrusions east of Svalbard imaged by active-source seismic tomography. Tectonophysics 2012 ;Volum 518-521. s. 106-118
UiB UiO Untitled
23 Moghaddam, Peyman Poor; Libak, Audun; Keers, Henk; Mjelde, Rolf.
Efficient and accurate modeling of ocean bottom seismometer data using reciprocity. Geophysics 2012 ;Volum 77.(6) s. T211-T220
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24 Libak, Audun; Eide, Christian Haug; Mjelde, Rolf; Keers, Henk.
Strukturen til jordskorpen vest for Bjørnøya. Sluttkonferanse for Polaråret; 2011-04-12 - 2011-04-13
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25 Jakobsen, Morten; Keers, Henk; Ruud, Bent Ole; Psencik, Ivan; Shahraini, Ali.
Waveform inversion of 4D seismic data using the Born approximation in the frequency domain. 72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition; 2010-06-14 - 2010-06-17
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