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1 Barker, Christopher H.; Kourafalou, Vassiliki H.; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Boufadel, Michel C.; Bourassa, Mark A.; Buschang, Steve G.; Androulidakis, Yannis; Chassignet, Eric; Dagestad, Knut-Frode; Danmeier, Donald G.; Dissanayake, Anusha Lakmali; Galt, Jerry A.; Jacobs, Gregg; Marcotte, Guillaume; Özgökmen, Tamay; Pinardi, Nadia; Schiller, Rafael V.; Socolofsky, Scott A.; Thrift-Viveros, Dalina; Zelenke, Brian; Zhang, Aijun; Zheng, Yangxing.
Progress in operational modeling in support of oil spill response. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2020 ;Volum 8:668.(9) s. 1-55
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2 Jacketti, Mary; Englehardt, James D.; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne.
Application of the SOSim v2 Model to spills of sunken oil in rivers. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2020 ;Volum 8.(9) s. -
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3 Nordam, Tor; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Skancke, Jørgen; Nepstad, Raymond; Reed, Mark.
Improving oil spill trajectory modelling in the Arctic. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2019 ;Volum 140. s. 65-74
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4 Brakstad, Odd Gunnar; Lewis, Alun; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne.
A critical review of marine snow in the context of oil spills and oil spill dispersant treatment with focus on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2018 ;Volum 135. s. 346-356
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5 Gallego, Alejandro; O'Hara Murray, Rory B.; Berx, Barbara; Turrell, William R.; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Inall, Mark; Sherwin, Toby; Siddorn, John R.; Wakelin, Sarah L.; Vlasenko, Vasyl; Hole, Lars R; Dagestad, Knut-Frode; Rees, John; Short, Lucy; Rønningen, Petter; Main, Charlotte E.; Legrand, Sebastien; Gutierrez, Tony; Witte, Ursula; Mulanaphy, Nicole.
Current status of deepwater oil spill modelling in the Faroe-Shetland Channel, Northeast Atlantic, and future challenges. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2018 ;Volum 127. s. 484-504
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6 Nordam, Tor; Litzler, Emma; Rønningen, Petter; Aune, Joakim; Hagelien, Thomas Fjæstad; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Brönner, Ute.
Oil Spill Contingency and Response Modelling in Ice-Covered Waters. I: Proceedings of the Forty-first AMOP Technical Seminar, Environment and Climate Change Canada Ottawa, ON, Canada. Canada: Public Works and Government Services Canada 2018 ISBN 978-0-660-04851-2. s. 957-973
7 Allshouse, Michael R; Ivey, Gregory N; Lowe, Ryan J; Jones, Nicole L; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Xu, Jiangtao; Peacock, Thomas.
Impact of windage on ocean surface Lagrangian coherent structures. Environmental Fluid Mechanics 2017 ;Volum 17.(3) s. 473-483
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8 Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Nordam, Tor; Davies, Emlyn John; smith, alex nimmo; McPhee, Miles; Faksness, Liv Guri; Reed, Mark; Daae, Ragnhild Lundmark; Golbraikh, Ephim.
Oil droplet surfacing probabilities using realistic low turbulence in Arctic ice. International Oil Spill Conference; 2017-05-15 - 2017-05-18
9 Nordam, Tor; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Reed, Mark.
Climate Change and Fate of Arctic Oil Spills. I: AMOP Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response - 2008 - 2017. Ottawa: Environment and Climate Change Canada 2017 ISBN 978-0-660-04851-2. s. 36-52
10 Nordam, Tor; Dunnebier, Dorien; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Reed, Mark; Slagstad, Dag.
Impact of climate change and seasonal trends on the fate of Arctic oil spills. Ambio 2017 s. 1-11
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11 Wilkinson, Jeremy; Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne; Evers, Karl-ulrich; Hughes, Nick; Lewis, Alun; Reed, Mark; Wadhams, Peter.
Oil spill response capabilities and technologies for ice-covered Arctic marine waters: A review of recent developments and established practices. Ambio 2017 ;Volum 46. s. 423-441
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12 Beegle-Krause, Cynthia Juyne.
The Many Unknowns of Inevitable Arctic Oil Spills. Inside Climate News [Internett] 2015-05-08
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