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1 Conrad, Jon M.; Nøstbakken, Linda.
Innovation and site quality: Implications for the timing of investments in renewable energy. Energy 2018 ;Volum 148. s. 1173-1180
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2 Boskovic, Branko; Nøstbakken, Linda.
The cost of endangered species protection: Evidence from auctions for natural resources. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2017 ;Volum 81. s. 174-192
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3 Lazkano, Itziar; Nøstbakken, Linda; pelli, martino.
From fossil fuels to renewables: The role of electricity Storage.. European Economic Review 2017 ;Volum 99. s. 113-129
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4 Chakravorty, Ujjayant; Hubert, Marie Helene; Moreaux, Michel; Nøstbakken, Linda.
The Long Run Impact of Biofuels on Food Prices. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 2016 ;Volum 119.(3) s. 733-767
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5 Jensen, Frank; Nøstbakken, Linda.
A corporate-crime perspective on fisheries: Liability rules and non-compliance. Environment and Development Economics 2016 ;Volum 21.(3) s. 371-392
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6 Lazkano, Itziar; Nøstbakken, Linda.
Quota Enforcement and Capital Investment in Natural Resource Industries. Marine Resource Economics 2016 ;Volum 31.(3) s. 339-354
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7 Da-Rocha, José-Maria; Nøstbakken, Linda; Péres, Marcos.
Pulse Fishing and Stock Uncertainty. Environmental and Resource Economics 2014 ;Volum 59.(2) s. 257-274
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8 Hansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Nøstbakken, Linda.
Quota Enforcement in Resource Industries: Self-Reporting and Differentiated Inspections. Environmental and Resource Economics 2014 ;Volum 58.(4) s. 539-562
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9 Hatcher, Aaron; Nøstbakken, Linda.
Quota Setting and Enforcement Choice in a Shared Fishery. Environmental and Resource Economics 2014 ;Volum 61.(4) s. 559-575
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10 Kverndokk, Snorre; Nævdal, Eric; Nøstbakken, Linda.
The trade-off between intra- and intergenerational equity in climate policy. European Economic Review 2014 ;Volum 69. s. 40-58
11 Lazkano, Itziar; Nøstbakken, Linda; Prellezo, Raul.
Past and future management of a collapsed fishery: The Bay of Biscay anchovy. Natural Resource Modeling 2013 ;Volum 26.(3) s. 281-304
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12 Nøstbakken, Linda.
Formal and informal quota enforcement. Resource and Energy Economics 2013 ;Volum 35. s. 191-215
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13 Nøstbakken, Linda.
Investment drivers in a fishery with tradable quotas. Land Economics 2012 ;Volum 88.(2) s. 400-424
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14 Asche, Frank; Nøstbakken, Linda; Øglend, Atle; Sigbjørn, Tveterås.
Buying power in UK retail chains: A residual supply approach. Aquaculture Economics & Management 2011 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 1-17
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15 Boyce, John R.; Nøstbakken, Linda.
Exploration and development of U.S. oil and gas fields, 1955-2002. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 2011 ;Volum 35. s. 891-908
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16 Nøstbakken, Linda; Thébaud, Olivier; Sørensen, Lars-Christian.
Investment Behaviour and Capacity Adjustment in Fisheries: A Survey of the Literature. Marine Resource Economics 2011 ;Volum 26.(2) s. 95-117
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17 Nøstbakken, Linda.
Fisheries law enforcement - A survey of the economic literature. Marine Policy 2008 ;Volum 32.(3) s. 293-300
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18 Nøstbakken, Linda.
Stochastic modelling of the North Sea herring fishery under alternative management regimes. Marine Resource Economics 2008 ;Volum 22. s. 65-86
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19 Nøstbakken, Linda; Bjørndal, Trond.
Supply functions for North Sea herring. Marine Resource Economics 2003 ;Volum 18.(4) s. 345-361
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