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1 Kreis, Isabel Viola; Biegler, Robert; Tjelmeland, Håkon; Mittner, Matthias; Reitan, Solveig Merete Klæbo; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Overestimation of volatility in schizophrenia and autism? A comparative study using a probabilistic reasoning task. PLOS ONE 2021 ;Volum 16.(1) s. -
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2 Olsen, Valdemar Lee Kargård; varhaug, glenn risvold; Biegler, Robert.
Error reduction through an approximation of averaging in a ring attractor network. Navigation 2021; 2021-11-16 - 2021-11-18
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3 Biegler, Robert; Brandtzæg, Ørjan Røkkum.
Signal detection and sequential sampling. ASAB Winter Meeting; 2020-12-03 - 2020-12-04
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4 Brandtzæg, Ørjan Røkkum; Biegler, Robert.
On bias, signal detection, and sequential sampling. Virtual MathPsych / ICCM 2020; 2020-07-20 - 2020-07-24
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5 Lisøy, Rebekka Solvik; Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Prediction Error and Surprise. The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology and the 18th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling; 2020-07-20 - 2020-08-01
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6 Bendixen, Mons; Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen; Biegler, Robert; Haselton, Martie G..
Adjusting Signals of Sexual Interest in the Most Recent Naturally Occurring Opposite-Sex Encounter in Two Different Contexts. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences 2019 ;Volum 13.(4) s. 345-365
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7 Lisøy, Rebekka Solvik; Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Prediction error and surprise in schizophrenia. 7th European Conference on Schizophrenia Research; 2019-09-26 - 2019-09-28
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8 Lisøy, Rebekka Solvik; Pfuhl, Gerit; Hope, Wibecke Nederhagen; Biegler, Robert.
Chasing Detection as a Measure of Agency Attribution in Schizophrenia. 7th European Conference on Schizophrenia Research; 2019-09-26 - 2019-09-28
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9 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Signal detection theory as bridge for Bayesian statistics and modelling. Bayes at Lund; 2019-05-06 - 2019-05-07
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10 Lisøy, Rebekka Solvik; Pfuhl, Gerit; Hope, Wibecke Nederhagen; Biegler, Robert.
Seeing minds: A Signal Detection Study of Agency Attribution in Autism and Psychosis. Understanding Others - Integration of social Cognitive and Affective Processes; 2018-09-13 - 2018-09-14
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11 Rebekka Solvik, Lisøy; Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Prediction error and surprise. The 6th National PhD Conference in Neuroscience; 2018-09-19 - 2018-09-21
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12 Biegler, Robert.
Applying Bayes' theorem to scientific papers.
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13 Biegler, Robert.
Hierarchical Bayesian models of cognition.
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14 Biegler, Robert.
Insufficient evidence for habituation in Mimosa pudica. Response to Gagliano et al. (2014). Oecologia 2017 ;Volum 186.(1) s. 33-35
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15 Biegler, Robert; Storkaas, Inge.
What science can tell us about alien minds. Worldcon75, the 75th World Science Fiction Convention; 2017-08-09 - 2017-08-13
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16 Djaouat, Anne; Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
On precision, bullshit, autism and psychosis. The Brain Prize; 2017-10-30 - 2017-11-01
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17 Kreis, Isabel Viola; Sandvik, Kristin; Tjelmeland, Håkon; Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Probabilistic inference in psychosis and autism. 5th National PhD Conference in Neuroscience; 2017-09-20 - 2017-09-22
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18 Kreis, Isabel Viola; Tjelmeland, Håkon; Biegler, Robert; Tröbinger, Luzia Rosa; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Ignorance or awareness of changes measured in a probabilistic inference task. The Brain Prize Meeting 2017; 2017-10-30 - 2017-11-01
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19 Bendixen, Mons; Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen; Biegler, Robert.
Coy or not in naturally occurring encounters? Biases in sexual misperception. HBES - Human Behavior and Evolution Society - 28th annual Meeting; 2016-06-29 - 2016-07-02
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20 Biegler, Robert.
What's it all about when you get right down to it, I mean really?. Psykologisk tidsskrift 2016 ;Volum 20.(3) s. 12-19
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21 Biegler, Robert; Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen.
Sisterly love: Within-generation differences in ideal partner for sister and self. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences 2016 ;Volum 10.(1) s. 29-42
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22 Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Is prediction error overestimated in autism or in patients with delusions?. New insights into psychiatric disorders through computational biological and developmental approaches; 2016-09-25 - 2016-09-28
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23 Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen; Biegler, Robert.
Conflicting Tastes: Conflicts Between Female Family Members in Choice of Romantic Partners. I: The Oxford Handbook of Women and Competition. Oxford University Press 2015 ISBN 9780199376377. s. 529-552
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24 Pfuhl, Gerit; Sandvik, Kristin; Biegler, Robert; Tjelmeland, Håkon.
Identifying the computational parameters gone awry in psychosis. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2015 ;Volum 9250. s. 23-32
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25 Biegler, Robert.
På eksamen med Bush og Maradona. Adresseavisen [Avis] 2014-11-25
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26 Biegler, Robert.
Verst når det gjelder?. Morgenbladet [Avis] 2014-11-28
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27 Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Measuring rational thinking. Decision Making conference; 2014-09-09 - 2014-09-12
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28 Holen, Are; Biegler, Robert.
Verst når det gjelder?. Morgenbladet [Avis] 2014-11-28
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29 Biegler, Robert.
Eksamenstips for nervøse studenter. [Internett] 2013-05-03
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30 Biegler, Robert.
Valuta for velviljen. Vårt Land [Avis] 2013-07-19
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31 Biegler, Robert.
Vi føler med roboter. [Internett] 2013-04-27
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32 Biegler, Robert.
Vi føler med robotter. Videnskab no [Internett] 2013-05-31
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33 Biegler, Robert.
Why most published research is wrong. Friday seminar; 2013-05-03 - 2013-05-03
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34 Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Calculating priority: what shall I do next?. Joint meeting of the 33rd International Ethological Conference (IEC) & the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB); 2013-08-04 - 2013-08-07
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35 Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Precision of memory for information stored in continuous attractor networks. Friday seminar; 2013-11-22 - 2013-11-22
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36 Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit.
Relational Complexity. ASAB Winter meeting; 2013-12-05 - 2013-12-06
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37 Haghish, E.F; Heydari, Arash; Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert; Teymoori, Ali.
The scale of ethical attitude toward ethnic humor (EATEH): Development, reliability, and validity. Asian Social Science 2013 ;Volum 10.(1) s. 74-85
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38 Pfuhl, Gerit; Barrera, Luis Bernardo; Living, Mia; Biegler, Robert.
Do adjustments in search behavior depend on the precision of spatial memory?. Learning & Behavior 2013 ;Volum 41.(1) s. 77-93
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39 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Endophenotypes in mental disorders: cognitive biases in schizophrenia and autism. Regional conference in psychiatry; 2013-11-14 - 2013-11-15
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40 Pfuhl, Gerit; Haghish, Ebad Fardzadeh; Biegler, Robert.
ASSESSMENT OF ALTRUISM DEPENDS ON INFERRED ULTERIOR MOTIVES. The Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology 2013 ;Volum 7.(1) s. 36-50
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41 Biegler, Robert.
Finn din intelligenstype. [Internett] 2012-10-04
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42 Fardzadeh, Haghish Ebad; Heydari, Arash; Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit; Teymoori, Ali.
Sociological Indicators of Ethical Attitude toward Ethnic Humor: An Empirical Study on Persian Jokes. Asian Social Science 2012 ;Volum 8.(13) s. 9-20
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43 Farzadeh, Ebad Haghish; Heydari, H.; Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit; Teymoori, Ali.
Ethical attitude toward ethnic humor (EATEH): Development of a new scale. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 2012 ;Volum 1.(1)
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44 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Do jackdaws have a memory for order?. Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis 2012 ;Volum 9.(1) s. -
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45 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Ordinality and novel sequence learning in jackdaws. Animal Cognition 2012 ;Volum 15. s. 833-849
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46 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Do humans know the imprecision inherent in a map?. meta-carto-semiotics 2011 ;Volum 4.(1) s. -
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47 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Investment in search: Measuring confidence in animals. Champalimaud Neuroscience Symposium; 2011-09-18 - 2011-09-21
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48 Pfuhl, Gerit; Biegler, Robert.
Learning about uncertainty - precision and reliability in navigation. Royal Society of Navigation Animal Navigation meeting; 2011-04-11 - 2011-04-15
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49 Pfuhl, Gerit; Tjelmeland, Håkon; Biegler, Robert.
Precision and Reliability in Animal Navigation. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 2011 ;Volum 73.(5) s. 951-977
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50 Biegler, Robert; Pfuhl, Gerit; Sutherland, Robert J.
The role of mental time travel in deciding what to do next. International Ethological Conference 2009; 2009-08-19 - 2009-08-24
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