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1 Rolfhamre, Robin.
‘Caprice de chaconne’ (1671): Symmetry and proportions in Francesco Corbetta's work for Baroque guitar. Early Modern Culture Online 2018 ;Volum 7.
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2 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Barocken innan Bach och Händel. Gjesteforelesing; 2017-05-05
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3 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Ego sum. Ein Mangfaldig Kar 2017
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4 Rolfhamre, Robin.
ICT-support for Robin Rolfhamre's lectures. 2017
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5 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Komponisten som smisket med Solkongen. Fædrelandsvennen 2017 s. 20-20
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6 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Lunchkonsert med Robin Rolfhamre.
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7 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Lutmusik som berättar — tankar efter en doktorsavhandling. SGLS Svenska Gitarr- och Lutasällskap 2017 ;Volum 50.(1) s. 15-17
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8 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Musikk fra 1300- til 1700-tallet.
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9 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Northern Winds, Nordic Early Music, 1140–1810.
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10 Rolfhamre, Robin.
The language of Early Music performance: A proposition on how to connect words and instrumental music. Musical times 2017 ;Volum 158.(1938) s. 81-92
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11 Christiansen, Atle C.; Rolfhamre, Robin.
Musikeren Robin Rolfhamre får forskningspris. [Internett] 2016-10-29
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12 Rolfhamre, Robin.
A case study of the colascione from an idiomatics perspective. Lutezine 2016 (120) s. 52-63
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13 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Cantigas de Santa Maria | Alfonso X (1221–1248). Ein Mangfaldig Kar 2016
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14 Rolfhamre, Robin.
‘Concert introduction and perspectives on Early Music.’ Konsertintroduksjon ved dr. Robin Rolfhamre. Konsert med Viatoribus og Kristiansand Domkor; 2016-03-31
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15 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Dr Robin Rolfhamre Instrument Collection. [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] Instrument-web-utstilling. ; . 2016-05-10
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16 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Embellishing lute music: using the Renaissance Italian passaggi practice as a model and pedagogical tool for an increased improvisation vocabulary in the French Baroque style.. Dansk Musikforskning Online 2016 s. 219-238
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17 Rolfhamre, Robin.
‘Getting noticed: Strategies and thoughts on creating a name and finding your uniqueness as a musician.’. Open lecture; 2016-02-12
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18 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Glem den høyverdige musikken. Fædrelandsvennen 2016 s. 19-19
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19 Rolfhamre, Robin.
‘Performing artistic research in Early Modern genres and to have an academic career as a lute scholar. Arts in context — in between practices; 2016-06-06 - 2016-06-08
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20 Rolfhamre, Robin.
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21 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Takketale for Agder Vitenskapsakademis forskningspris til yngre forskere. Agder Vitenskapsakademi Årbok 2016 s. 227-229
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22 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Talentutvikingsprogrammet unge musikere.. Talentuviklingsworkshop; 2016-09-29
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23 Rolfhamre, Robin.
The language of sound. Narrative course, Noroff University College; 2016-01-18
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24 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Translating the Early Modern musician: From historical past to contemporary practice and practise.. University of Agder, Faculty of Fine Arts opening event, 2016; 2016-08-17
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25 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Vi må belønne institusjonene som driver med kunstnerisk forskning.. : nettavis med nyheter fra norsk og internasjonal forskning 2016
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26 Rolfhamre, Robin.
‘Who am I?’ Individuality as focus in higher music education. ‘In Sync?: Music, teaching and learning in higher music education.’; 2016-08-31 - 2016-09-01
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27 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Why should anyone listen to me? by Robin Rolfhamre (MMus, PhD).
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28 Rolfhamre, Robin.
4 tips to lutenists and guitarists by Robin Rolfhamre (MMus, PhD).
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29 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Artistic research and the unknown: Thoughts on researching performance-practice based on instruments.. Vitenskapelig metode-kurs; 2015-09-28
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30 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Baroque-lute-scales: a supplement to the Lernui-methodology. Lutezine 2015 (114) s. 33-47
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31 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Embellishing La Guitarre Royalle: On Experimenting With the Italian Passagi Practice in Francisco Corbetta’s Music.. Nordic Musicological Congress; 2015-08-11 - 2015-08-14
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32 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Kortreist lutt på Sørlandet.
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33 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Lernui: CAGED transcribed for an efficient, easy three-chord-system for advanced play and improvisation on the baroque-lute.. Lutezine 2015 (113) s. 36-43
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34 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Lutes, music and the musician in a seventeenth-century-context.. Musikkhistoriekurs; 2015-10-07
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35 Rolfhamre, Robin.
UIA Untitled
36 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Approaching Early Modern music: Perspectives on lute music and craftsmanship. Universitetsbibliotekets forelesingsserie; 2015-10-14
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37 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Audio Design. Guest-lecture, course: SO4 - Game Assets 3 & Character 2; 2015-02-03
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38 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Film-music-history. Guest-lecture, course: SO4 - Game Assets 3 & Character 2; 2015-02-02
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39 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Io e lei. Ein Mangfaldig Kar 2015
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40 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Music in Games. Guest-lecture, course: SO4 - Game Assets 3 & Character 2; 2015-02-16
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41 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Nysgjerrig? Kortreist lutt på Sørlandet.
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42 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Science and interpretation. Open guest-lecture; 2015-08-31
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43 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Sound and characters (i): Creating an individual – from psychology to performativity. Guest-lecture, course: SO4 - Game Assets 3 & Character 2; 2015-02-23
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44 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Sound and characters (ii): Group relations – from psychology to performativity. Guest-lecture, course: SO4 - Game Assets 3 & Character 2; 2015-02-24
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45 Rolfhamre, Robin.
‘What is sound?. Guest-lecture, course: SO4 - Game Assets 3 & Character 2,; 2015-03-03
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46 Rolfhamre, Robin; Breen, Olav.
En konsert til lunsj?. [Internett] 2015-02-14
UIA Untitled
47 Rolfhamre, Robin; McInerney, Steffen.
Har rytmisk doktorgrad på lutt og kjemper for ukjent musikk. [Internett] 2015-03-09
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48 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Concert with Per Kjetil Farstad (chitarra), Robin Rolfhamre (chitarra), and Inga Marie Nesmann (vocale).
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49 Rolfhamre, Robin.
Dissecting transformation: towards a biology of recorded lute sound. Studia Musicologica Norvegica 2014 ;Volum 40. s. 43-62
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50 Rolfhamre, Robin.
French seventeenth century opera: the politics of a lute accompanist. The Multimodality of Opera: The Constitution, Development and Performance of Early Modern Opera; 2014-05-04 - 2014-05-08
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